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There is no rest.

Strategy and action don't take holidays off nor the days in-between. Today, the Paul campaign must prep for important poll results coming out tonight and how it might change the media narrative. If it's three-way tie or Paul falls or Paul gains, that's 3 different strategies to develop and employ. Consider HOW to tamp down expectations if Ron takes a lead; watch the news of the day for developing, non-political stories that might takeover the narrative (murdered 9 year old girl), look at the weather 7 days out (should be clear--too bad), continue to prep and support precinct captains, study (hour by hour) the google alerts on newsletter stories, obviously schedule every minute of the candidate while efficiently managing the travel and accomodations budget. Planning for victory pr, on and on it goes.

If you DON'T believe the Romney campaign is this intense and more on media and campaigning strategy, you are absolutely delusional. Within hours of the "$10,000 bet" flak hit, the candidate was using buzz phrases to knock it down and they succeeded in stopping a "Mitt is out of touch" media narrative. Look, I know newsrooms, what news directors do, what assignment editors do, what producers do, that you can play network affiliates against each other using candidate exclusives but how that's a dangerous game. If you think strategy doesn't matter, ask the late Paul Tsongas, who WON the New Hampshire primary, beating Bill Clinton, yet watched Clinton bounce out of NH while Tsongas fell in the polls.