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MSNBC NOW: UP next-breaking down The Ron paul campaign

Up next (Noon EST) they will "break down" the campaign

Before this they just stated that If Ron Paul wins Iowa it wont matter, but if Mitt does it matters.

Also just said "It doesn't matter who wins Iowa if Romney takes 2nd he will have momentum"

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I was just doing a channel flip

and I saw this hit job they were doing. I kept watching and I was really disgusted by this one bit after the RP part.

Ok, during RP part, they talk about how he is able to organize, but his grass roots support is crazy and we are surprised on how well he can organize. Next they talked about Newt and how he was not organized enough to get onto the VA primary ballet. They then asked the question, doesn't how you organize your campaign indicate how well you will run the GOV.

WHAT! If they are using that argument, what about Ron Paul's organization. They just said that Paul was very well organized, but they don't use that same point to indicate how well they would run the GOV!!!

I hope someone uploads this so we can break it apart!

The Assault is ON !

Clearchannel now trying to brainwash voters that RP Supporters are NOT "REAL" Republicans..not really?

The MSM must be afraid..
They KNOW Dr Paul's gonna win IOWA
They KNOW he's exploding quietly in NH
They're already focusing on SC

The SuperBrochures MUST be working!


This is encouraging news so...
...Let's keep the pressure on...

I Love you people!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

The sad thing is right after

The sad thing is right after they talked about Ron Paul being racist they started to pimp the gay-bashing muslim hating Rick Santorum. How hypocritical is that?


But who is watching that channel, I don't think they have a large audience.

MSNBC Will UP Ron Paul Campaign here is how

Ron Paul wins Iowa. Keep the fire alive.
Ron Paul has the best domestic and foreign policy plan.
Do others have any. Do we were introduced to others plans?
So, since Paul is electable Paul can and will win Iowa, and thereafter, all the way to the W.H. Ron Paul time is now.


mms, economist, entrepreneur, proprietor;
abolish interests on debt policy.
what is mathematically perfected economy™?

Not surprised...It's MSNBC

Worse than Faux News.

It was nothing more than 5

It was nothing more than 5 minutes of "Ron Paul is a racist"...wow.

I know! It's every channel,

I know! It's every channel, there calling him crazy and dangerous. It's insane, at least when Herman Cain was getting bashed they spoke nicely of him. This isn't fair, there saying nothing good at all

juan maldonado