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Ron Paul needs to have a press conference with ethnic supporters pledging support.

A sure fire way to put the racism charge to bed is to have a huge press conference and maybe even several campaign appearances where people of only ethnic backgrounds pledge their support to Ron Paul. This is an example of when press relations is needed. I say have an entire week of muslims, blacks, hispanics, asians, and any other ethnicity give speeches for Ron Paul. They could refocus the campaign on the principles of liberty, peace, and prosperity.

The media is going to hammer the racist story until the cows come home if the campaign doesn't do something to make them look silly.

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Ron Paul I think is really good at showing his opponents hypocrisies when debating - this whole racist newsletter scrutiny right now could be a wound to his candidacy however it can also be a huge opportunity. It does show partly also how much the mainstream media is not counted on anymore as it once was for the peoples news however I wouldn't depend on that & if you don't speak for yourself someone else will and are. Two examples that come to mind are when Rachel Maddow had that interview with Rand Paul during the Kentucky campaign and he didn't really respond right away and perhaps he didn't need to then - however this is different - one thing that can be learned from via James Carville and the Clinton campaign in the 1990's was to respond right away and loud and fast.

From a political standpoint - Ron Paul and fans (me included) complain about lack of media attention - and while Ron Paul has had Press Conferences in the past they haven't had the attention they deserved - this would give that attention and he could frame the debate - this would give $1000's if not millions worth of free advertising - basically making lemonade out of lemons - if he had a Press Conference on this it would get nationwide coverage and he could use it to address the racist policies of this and past administrations and etc - and the policies he promotes instead to fight that (real issues that matter & affect real lives) - I think I would be more disappointed (because I can already tell by his actions & spirit that Ron Paul is against prejudices) if he doesn't use opportunities like this which is almost handed to him rather than past mistakes of not being more hands on with a newsletter staff.

Even though the media is a bitch to talk to it seems sometimes - the most memorable times (besides some more civil Q&A's in town halls) is when Ron Paul is debating against pundits - it is not the more boring times when everyone agrees - seize the moment I would say - & take advantage of the opportunities while you have them.

However I don't agree w/ the pandering & exploiting "ethnics" strategy necessarily - however a press conference on the history and policies of racism, prejudice, justice and beyond I think could be something great and could bolster his support and give a good perspective and help us grow as a society etc.. and have a side effect of giving good mass attention to Ron Paul's campaign.

I wrote a similar posting here:

Thomas Key

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"Muslim" is not an ethnicity.

If you are going to play the "groupism" game, "middle eastern" would be a better choice.

Undo what Wilson did

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I'd rather just see a group of people holding the Constitution.

In fact, I wish RP would whip his out during the debates and just read from it...

Undo what Wilson did

Here's another thread with a great example:

Here's another thread with a great example:

Ron Paul's supporters reject collectivism

This is the type of thing the media wants to see, but the fact that Paul supporters reject collectivism, makes it unlikely that any would ever group themselves together by ethnicity to show support. I don't see it happening amongst a group whose main concern is preserving individual liberty.


Liberty rejects collectivism(?)

I see nothing wrong with collectivism. Its when force is added that it becomes a problem.

You could say the same thing

You could say the same thing about "Iraq veterans for Ron Paul". That's an example of a group of individuals who came together to promote Ron Paul. Are they pandering?

don't worry about it

the story is already disappearing. the campaign does not need to do anything that revives it.

Here's another

Bad idea...

Ron Paul kisses no ass and makes no apologies. Having a press conference with minorities speaking up for him would appear as if he has something to hide, which he does not imho.

Do you have a better idea of

Do you have a better idea of how to emotionally convince people that Ron Paul is for liberty, peace, and prosperity of all people? He's been saying that all week, but it hasn't seemed to stem the tide of racist accusations. This is an emotional subjective problem, not a logical problem that can be solved with data and reasoning.

How have people successfully overcome racial accusations in the past?

Yes. He should keep doing

Yes. He should keep doing exactly what he's doing.

i am a ron paul supporter

BECAUSE he wouldn't do something like this.

Nah, we shouldn't pander and

Nah, we shouldn't pander and we shouldn't play their group politics game.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

You can call it pandering. I

You can call it pandering. I call it sending a message of peace, liberty, and prosperity. Racism is the poison pill of the society. Ron Paul can say he isn't racist until the end of the world. The media will continue to run with the story that he is racist until he stops them. Here's a great guy to get to start the press conference.

Here's an example charge. "Clarence Thomas sexually harasses women." He can say all day long he doesn't, but that doesn't matter. The only way to stop the charge is to bring out truck loads of women to testify that he is the best guy in the world and never made any bad remarks to them during the several years of working together. This is not a logical problem. This is an emotional charge that depends on subjective thoughts.

You Think so? Idk if that's

You Think so? Idk if that's the way to go, what about going on Ellen? He can hit every angle, what you think?

juan maldonado

are you ellen degenerous?

You seem to really like her. Not like there's anything wrong with that.

Going on another talk so

Going on another talk so would do it too. I think it needs to be one hosted by someone on BET or something similar. There was a tv host who interviewed Paul a few years ago who would be a great host. I'll look for it and post it later.

Interview from D.L.