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Ron Paul gains ground, further stirring GOP, HAL.9000: RP will be the Republican nominee in 2012

Comments 273/ Ron Paul went main-stream, The Fed's 98th birthday anniversary, on the eve of December 24th / 25th, Let's hope that it will retire this year. Dr. Paul thinks the Fed should retire.

Onerioi wrote:

We have given our plutocrats the right to send all of our jobs and intellectual property, all of our wealth to China. Our corporate oil moguls take and take from us to enrich Islamic nations… Our plutocrats will build a massive oil pipeline from Canada to Texas to make a few fat-cats even more rich on the backs of our environment and are unwilling to give the rest of us a tax break. christian12345 wrote: “Within a Ron Paul first term, China would occupy all of Southeast Asia, Russia would own most of Europe, and the Islamic nations would invade Israel unchecked (and probably France and Spain as well). ” So? And the US would be a great country once again. Let’s get rid of the plutocracy that has taken control of our government. Americas for America – Ron Paul 2012.


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