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Paul dropping $10 Million worth of ads on IA and NH over the next 2 weeks!

"Paul, who threw the first knives of the season in a TV ad, is giving Gingrich a bare-fisted pummeling. His campaign has made more than $1.37 million in ad buys in Iowa in December, tracking data show.

More buys are coming. The Paul campaign is revving up for a scorcher in the final days, most likely spending another $10 million in Iowa and New Hampshire combined, campaign aides said."


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3 weeks Ago

Ron Paul's Campaign was asking for 2 million to run ads in Iowa up to the caucus. They said the deadline to get ads on the air was the end of that week.. I believe the campaign so that would leave only New Hampshire and I doubt they are spending 10 million in New Hampshire alone..

They don't have ten million

I don't believe your headline

Tim Maitski
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I am just quoting from a

I am just quoting from a media source, which claims to be quoting a campaign official. It is not "my" headline. I don't know that I believe it either, but it is what is out there.

I Hope It Isn't all Negative

He has an unbelievable record. Why doesn't he brag about it more? The damage has been done to Gingrich. He's out. Instead of attacking Romney, let's get the word out about Paul!

Does this include RevPac?

Does the $10MM figure include ads from the revolution pac? They were quoted as saying they plan to blitz the airways with pro-RP ads over the next few weeks.

Still, i think the $10MM figure is exagerated. The campaign maybe putting this out there just to scare the rival canidates.

If it were up to me, i'd save the money. I have a feeling we are going to have to go 50 states deep in this primary because even if we are winning states left and right, the establishment will not give up and will take this all the way to the convention.

Paul is not dropping $10 million, all the GOP candidates are.

Change title.

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$1.33 million is the number.

Paul’s campaign falls next in line at $1.37 million, followed by a pro-Perry super PAC that’s made $1.33 million in ad buys this month.

Romney’s campaign checks in at $1.11 million.

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i think he is - see this quote

More buys are coming. The Paul campaign is revving up for a scorcher in the final days, most likely spending another $10 million in Iowa and New Hampshire combined, campaign aides said.

This is exactly what they did not do back in 2008

These adds have the added benefit of bring in more supporters, which means increased contributions, it may be money well spent.

Imagine what that could do for the money bombs. Collectively we as citizens could really challenge the corporate donation system.

but can he beat Obama?

That is what inquiring minds want to know. It's the question that I encounter most often. When should we begin going after Obama and the left?

You may not realize it but THAT is the fight you're itching for. I know I would much rather be expending my time, energy, and resources, retiring establishment lefties, than continuing to beat up on the near dead and withering establishment right. I wish they'd just get out of our way and let us have at Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Clintons, etc.

Defeating Obama is no sweat...GOP nomination is the real fight!

When asked 'can Ron Paul beat Obama?', keep these FACTS in mind regarding how RP will pull liberals away from Obama.

1. RP has always been anti-war; he WILL bring home the troops.
2. RP protects whistle blowers (free PFC Manning).
3. RP is against TSA's intrusive measures--hands down your pants!
4. RP is best on civil liberties: no indefinite detentions, restoring habeas corpus,etc...
5. RP is against wiretapping laws and will protect 4th amendment.
6. RP is not against states' decisions to legalize medical marijuana.
7. Overall, RP will protect all parts of the Constitution.
8. Liberal Bill Maher says great things about RP and endorsed him as the best GOP candidate.
9. Ralph Nader endorsed RP this year.
10. Jon Stewart praised RP's honesty and integrity.

yes we know this, but...

there are many republican voters who do not believe RP can beat Obama, and because of this... will not vote for RP.

This is why i think its important for the Ads to drill this message. Reassure people that RP can beat Obama, and voting for him is supporting the conservative cause. If this message grows, there will be MANY NEW republicans willing to support RP.

right! you get it

You know right where I'm coming from. Winning Iowa (a caucus state) and NH (a primary state) will provide proof we need to answer the "can he win the nomination" question. If we have some proof to answer the ever looming question "can he beat Obama" will only serve to reinforce the answer to the "can he win the nomination" question.

There are a LOT of undecided voters. These 2 questions are what most of them are hung up on.

Will peace lovers do the right thing?

That is the answer to the question. Then follow that with "Who are you voting for?"

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

the answer is

the answer is to provide them with some proof that he can.

Or at the very least a little proof that the goal is not to damage/destroy/hijack the GOP but rather that he really really really really wants to, and plans to, (and can), defeat Obama and the establishment Democrats.

I have a message for the President from the people of Iowa. It is a clear message and it does not mix words... Mr President we're coming to take our country back.

What you wrote in your comment would make a great tag line at the end of a 60 second ad exposing all of Obama's lies and broken promises.

As rumors go I guess that is a good one

but I very seriously doubt that we will see anywhere near $10 Million in ad buys. Was not the early call for money for ad buys in IA and NH due to the fact that the ads had to be purchased well in advance? And where, praytell, is that much money coming from?

I don't doubt that we will see lots of ads in the final days leading to the IA caucuses and then again leading up to NH, but #10 Million? I don't think so.

I hope the rumor shakes up the other candidates though - and maybe with the real ad buys, the Super Brochures, the replay of the Leno show and a great Veterans rally, it will seem like $10 Million has been thrown in.

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Which Ad ?

Out of all the ADs out there which one is your favorite or which one should they air the most?

The One You Can Trust

The One you can trust - is my favorite. Its positive and uplifting.. and the message is great. It shows Ron as a top tier candidate and the footage from the Rally for the Republic is awesome.


This is for all those people

This is for all those people who say they like Ron Paul, but he can't win. If they see him win Iowa and then place in New Hampshire, they will rethink that position. Validation is key.

How to spend $10 million

I wish that they would spend that money on ads educating the public on the need to get back to Constitutionally limited government. That, in my mind, is what all of this is about. Ten years from now, what legacy will be left in this country if we don't secure the nomination and the presidency in November?

GaryJohnson2012.com On the outside chance that RP doesn't get the nomination.

Maxx, There will be no


There will be no legacy from these ad buys if Paul does not win. We are all taking a gamble here by backing Paul for president versus using our time and money on generally spreading the message of liberty.

Given the timing , I think 10M is a small price to pay for a small chance to change the course of history.

I think they need to focus

I think they need to focus the ads on both Romney and Gingrich cause they are both flip floppers but Romney, Huntsman and looks like Santorum will need to be included as well...! I am from PA and Santorum destroyed the education system and the financial state of PA while in office and that needs to be pointed out now...! Before the media even gets Santorum's feet off the ground...!

Compair Santorum to G.W. Bush cause they are the spitting image of one another, when it comes to their ideals...!

newt is history, focus on defeating flipper romney

flipper romney is spending tons of money to take down snewt. it's time to focus almost entirely on taking down romney.


A NEOCON "premeditated" Middle East TAKEOVER~~SUREFIRE TV AD

A suggestion to Campaign Headquarters:

"The Plan" General Wesley Clark

Using this clip is Proof in the Pudding that there was a Premeditated effort to take over the entire Middle East, and it had nothing to do with Al Quaieda. So, they invaded & bombed innocent people all for what?


We need some kind of well done TV AD where this is incorporated, because it blasts the NEOCON reasons for all these occupations and endless wars. But, if only we could also add proof on how much money the War Machine made in Iraq, etc. as part of this ad, it would slam-dunk it.

This TV AD could be explosive against video snippets of Romney! Also, Romney's weakness is in getting advice from "others", not in using his own brain! What else would we expect from him who has never been in the military, and who more importantly gets massive donations from the MIC.

Someone needs to find out where his money sources are & if they have roots in the MIC.

Spend on, Ron! We trust you.

Let's smash Iowa!!!

Donate to End of Q4 NOW!!!

We haven't won, yet!

I guess, but that seems like

I guess, but that seems like too much to spend on just 2 states to me..especially since I already heard that Gingrich ad has been on so many times there is no way to not have seen it already..sigh. I dunno...

The campaign has been saying

The campaign has been saying they need to get ads in front of people to bypass the media. Paul and his views grow on you the more you hear them.

I think they want to take Iowa and NH with as large of margins as possible - huge momentum from that... The MSM would hardly be able to spin it away - and if they did, people are going to know and vote against the MSM.

The campaign may have gotten lots of offline donations... best to spend the money early and build the momentum.

I don't think that much money

I don't think that much money should be used attacking Gingrich.It would be much better to go after Romney at this point or promote Dr.Paul.Gingrich is going nowhere.

Not $10 million

I would not believe those figures. I thought they were more in the range of $250,000 per week in Iowa. Money well spent for sure.

"In the beginning of change, the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it cost nothing to be a patriot.”-Mark Twain

I know he had unspent money at the end of the 3rd quarter

but I didn't think he had $10-million, so I'm a little dubious.

But let's say it's accurate, why would he spend so much in the homestretch? The Paul campaign may have learned of huge ad buys by Romney and/or Perry and need to match them in order to stand a chance of winning. There may also be a real apprehension about doctored votes in the caucus and especially in the New Hampshire primary. If it's all true I hope he runs away with the vote so the media can't ignore his results.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.