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Tea Party Supports 'Loser' Michelle Bachmann

Tea Party Supports 'Loser' Michelle Bachmann

The establishment Tea Party has vowed to support the presidential campaign of Michele Bachmann.

“While the Tea Party Express has not endorsed a presidential candidate at this time, Michele Bachmann garners strong Tea Party support because of her work and commitment to restoring fiscal responsibility to Washington, D.C.,” Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer said.

Earlier this month, Bachmann finished behind former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in a straw poll conducted by the national Tea Party Patriots group. Another Tea Party group, American Majority, called on Bachmann to quit the race and narrow the field for what they described as more viable Republican presidential candidates, according to the AOL-Huffington Post.

“The Tea Party Express is committed to finding and endorsing the strongest conservative candidate to take on President Barack Obama next year. In order to develop the best candidate, we must allow for a competitive process in Iowa and the early primary and other caucus states,” Kremer said. “Let’s let the voters in Iowa choose the leading candidates to go forward from the many excellent candidates we have.”
On December 20, the corporate media was obliged to admit that the front-funner in Iowa is Rep. Ron Paul from Texas. Despite his popularity in a number of polls, the Republican establishment – including the Republican hijacked Tea Party – has decided to ignore him and lose the race against Obama next November.


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Ron Paul

will split the Republicon Party, the Demoncrap Party and the Phony Tea Party and wiil turn the political world on it's head. I think we are looking at a watershed event and a landmark event that will make history for centuries to come. It's a new ballgame...the sheep are waking up.


You mean the leaderless by choice Tea Party has leaders? Since when?

I think Tea Party will/should support Ron Paul

I'm confident that the Tea Party will come back to Ron Paul before too long. We just need to keep educating people on his (and others) issues! The Tea Party would not support Bachmann if they knew all of what she believes.

Ron Paul 2012!