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Ron Paul WILL be vindicated and we will win!

After a week of hate fest at the Huffington Post against Paul, they finally are digging up the truth about Ron Paul... In 1988, he addressed racism used against minorities with drugs.

"Ron Paul’s presidential campaign has spent the last two weeks dealing with the political consequences of the reemergence of racist newsletters that went out under his name in the 1980s and ‘90s. During that same time period, however, Paul also laid out an historical analysis of the racist roots of the drug war that accurately and honestly reflects its origins."


WE ARE WINNING!!!!!!!!!!

FREEDOM 2012!!

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Show me one

thing that our government has ever done right. Take the EPA,FDA, FEMA the IRS or the Federal Reserve and show me one that has done one thing right. You can not. They are all a joke.
Even the Post Office can not make a dime. The government is the most complete piece of crap known to man. They could not even run a house of ill repute in NA. No joke look it up. Now can you see why RP says we need the government out of our lives? I am absolutely ready for them to get out of my life.