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How can we get every person in America to watch Adam Curtis' "The Power of Nightmares"


For those unfamiliar, Adam Curtis is one of the most legendary and well recognized documentarians of all time. This may be his most important and relevant work with regards to our current geo-political situation. This needs to go viral so the people know the truth about the link between the Neoconservatives and the terrorists they created.


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I just made an account cause I thought this thread was funny. Did you not realize that Adam Curtis is one of the biggest critics of libertarian free-market ideology? LOL

That film just scratches the

That film just scratches the surface.. but It's probably a good intro.

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The part I like is that it

The part I like is that it doesn't go into the conspiracy behind it all. It's 100% facts straight from the mouth of the people who were involved. Please show this to everyone you know if you haven't already.

They at least need to see

They at least need to see part 3, puts the last 20 years and Al-Qaeda in context. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HvzR8w1z2g

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very informative...

The fact that every single Republican nominee other than Ron Paul is in this Neo Con fantasy, and HE is called the crazy one, is scary as hell...

In total it's 3 hours long

In total it's 3 hours long but it's so brilliant I can't even tell you. This needs to be the entire platform of the anti-war movement imo.