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Our Most Powerful Weapon Against The Attacks

Is to continue to do exactly what Dr. Paul is doing.

By refusing to 'strike back' as many here have suggested he is not making it possible for the media to continue their attacks.

When I was growing up, one of the most important lessons my father ever taught me was that by remaining calm and simply stating facts, you can achieve worlds more than a violent reaction. It took me much of my childhood to realize that I could never hold an argument with him because, quite frankly I would run out of logical points. When this would occur I could always resort to kicking and screaming, but what would that accomplish?

Often on the Daily Paul I find myself getting upset by the media's treatment of our candidate, but we must realize is that this is exactly the response the media wants. When we react 'violently' with our hateful posts and letter bombs it provides them with the opportunity to call us Zealots, Wackos, and Extremists. And let's be realistic, from the average Joe’s perspective who would you believe?

If we remain calm while they continue the attacks, they become the ones whom appear crazy for 'beating the dead horse.'

In short: Remain Calm, And Carry On.

For Liberty,

Ranger Will

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Ask the person directly who

Ask the person directly who attacks Ron for being a racist if they themselves are "Racist". When they emphatically say "NO" then say, "Well then you should support the ONLY candidate who will stop the genocide against the Muslims in the Middle East.".