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Did Ron Paul sign a pledge to support a Ban on Abortion at the Federal Level? (article)


I was debating someone on facebook and they say that ron isn't pro choice, and we all know that... But I don't understand this? I thought that Ron was against a federal ban on abortion because its a difficult question that shouldn't be chosen by the central federal government.

So he does support an amendment to the constitution? or what exactly is this. I also thought he didn't sign pledges. Would like to get all of your takes... Thanks!

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My understanding is that: a)

My understanding is that:

a) It is for the States to legislate, not the Prez. That is the constitutional issue, and would result in various options across the states from outright ban to outright licence.

b) There would be a new article on the beginning of life issue.

c) the MAP is an allowable grey area, since it is meant to prevent people getting pregnant post-coitus or the implanting of the zygote, rather than to induce an abortion.

d) he has signed the personhood charter, and issued his own pro-life charter.

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He has stated that in the short term the best way to go about it is to give the power to the states, but once that is done he has stated he would support a constitutional amendment.

All I know

All I know is:

Ron Paul wants to repeal Roe v. Wade.

Ron Paul introduced the Sanctity of Life Act defining life beginning at conception.


To me, this pretty much covers it. If life begins at conception, then it is murder. Murder is illegal in every state.

The only issue I know of that is controversial with Ron Paul is how to police the "morning after pill" because it can be used in two different ways.

1. It can be used for abortions. Not much of an argument here. If life begins at conception, then you are committing murder by killing a human life.

2. It can be used as birth control. As crazy as that sounds, the morning after pill, if taken by someone who isn't pregnant... the morning after... will prevent that person from getting pregnant. The trouble is that you can't tell if a person is pregnant the morning after because it is too soon to know. If you wait to find out, it is no longer the morning after.

How do you charge a person with murder if you can't prove the person was carrying a human life to begin with? Newsflash: You don't get pregnant every time you have sexual intercourse.


I could be wrong, but this is my understanding of Ron Paul's stance on Abortion.

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