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What Have We Let Ourselves Become?

On Christmas Day, I attempted to post this to provide everyone on Dailypaul a good laugh, but there weren't any posts allowed that day (totally understand). So here is my creation/present to all RP supporters, I laughed my ass off creating it, and I hope it can provide a laugh to you all heading into 2012. I have it on my Blogspot page so it won't load straight across - click the link below to see it, and for God's sake don't look at anything else on my page I am only trying to share this picture!


/\ /\ /\ The Monopoly We've Become haha /\ /\ /\

Let's elect Dr. Ron Paul! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012!

Here's to the 2012 Revolution!

Steven A.O. Smith

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Awesome. I'm reposting on

Awesome. I'm reposting on Facebook.