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Iowa the new 13th floor

Ron Paul has had to prove himself every step of the way in this campaign, and he will continue to do so. Iowa however is taking a beating that may malign their credibility for years to come if we do nothing.
The spin doctors have no regard for this democracy, let alone the people of Iowa while they are trying to rig this election.
The only reason that the "experts" concede that Ron Paul may win this state is because they know that this is the only state where the public can actually view the voting results in every district with their own eyes. They know we will be watching.
I live in the Midwest, so to insult Iowa voters as being insignificant to this election is as much an insult to me as it must be to them.
We know who the bad apples are. They are Dick Morris, Frank Luntz, Scott Rasmussen Carl Rove and almost every political "expert" and news anchor besides Cavuto, Stossel, and Judge Napolitano. The only major network to consitantly give Ron Paul the credit he deserves happens to be called the Comedy Network. They could not pass up the opportunities to point out how outrageous the mainstream media has been treating Ron Paul. Jon Stewart made a joke about Ron Paul being treated like the 13th floor of a high rise. And now because Iowa has a unique system that will accurately report the votes that Ron Paul deserves, Iowa is getting the same treatment.
The more that the establishment tries to tamper with democracy, the more I will participate. Those of us who will be descending upon Iowa in support of Ron Paul should not miss any opportunity to support and thank the good people of that state. These early states are supposed to be a snapshot of where our candidates stand across the country. To effort throwing away the photo of the state that reflects my part of the country because "they" don't like how it developed is anti-American and every talking head that tries to make this argument is what I consider the real enemies of the state.