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Ex-Aide to Paul ran against him in 2008.

Eric Dondero's getting a lot of press lately for his recent statements that RP is not racist or anti-semitic, but mostly over his standard neo-con talking points on foreign policy.

And just like how the Defense of Democracy newsletter issue has been rehashed from 2008, same story with Dondero.

What's worth noting is that Dondero ran and lost to Doctor Paul in the 2008 Congressional Primary for District 14. No sour grapes on his part, obviously...


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Dondero was a "Libertarian for Bush"

Sprinkled throughout the comments of the latest hit pieces are tidbits like how Dondero was "Libertarian for Bush" in '04 and now a "Libertarian for Romney" according to an early December facebook post.

It was one of the comment threads that lead me to track down his candidate history.

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Here's the outcome from that primary where macho man Eric

was going to defeat Ron Paul:

Texas's 14th congressional district, 2008 (Republican primary)

Ron Paul (inc.) - 37,777 (70.43%)
Chris Peden - 15,859 (29.56%)

and then the election outcome,

Texas's 14th congressional district, 2008:

Ron Paul (R) (inc.) - 191,293 (100.00%)


Dondero has some

very specific and scathing remarks quoted in an article from Daily Caller.