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Ron Paul Resonating!

Ron Paul article on yahoo http://news.yahoo.com/paul-builds-campaign-doomsday-scenario... ...not so great BUT the the comments supporting Ron Paul and his views are amazing!!! Previously on an article like this I would see a few pro Ron Paul comments mingled in with people saying what a crazy person he was or unelectable he was...now (and I didn't go through all 13000 plus comments) but the first 5-7 pages are all pro Ron Paul, against government, against media, and against bankers.

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Another smear article...SAME thing on the comments!!!

Another negative article http://news.yahoo.com/ex-aide-ron-paul-foreign-policy-sheer-... with nothing but positive comments! I'm having an awesome monday!!!


If you're feeling depressed - read these comments!

I noticed this article, too. Great idea to post it here for all to see. People are really fired up in support of Ron Paul and many of the comments don't sound like "veteran" supporters, either, but people who have come around maybe even in just the last year or so.

I have been noticing the same

I have been noticing the same thing in comments sections. I used to be accustomed to being one of the first RP supporters there -- but now when I get to these articles, there are already twenty supporters that have beaten me to the punch and are holding down the fort. Nice to see!