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Paul should release attack ad against Obama the over-promiser

Much in the same vein as the Gingrich "Serial Hypocrisy" ads, I think Paul should declare that Obama over-promised on Economy, Wars, Civil Rights, ...

This would 1) soften Obama's support with his core, 2) push independents/some democrats into the primary for Paul, but most importantly 3) showcase to Republicans the type of attacks that Paul can launch against democrats by out-flanking them on many of their core issues.

This is not the red-meat that is typical of Republican primary ads, but politics is the art of winning, and this ad could showcase a winning strategy for Paul to the GOP.

Moreover, I think that the risk that the message will turn off primary Repubican voters is moot since the MSM consistently bombards us with RP's views in a negative light. Besides, RP's positions needn't be stated.

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