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America's farmlands to be carpet-bombed with Agent Orange chemical?

A key chemical of one of the most horrifying elements of the Vietnam War -- Agent Orange -- may soon be unleashed on America's farmlands


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As a person who's home is surrounded on all 4 sides

by cropland, I'd like to add this:

I haven't seen 2-4D used in years! The reason? It "lifts" after being sprayed and travels places where other farmers don't want it. It seems to have been "phased out" years ago. I'm just not seeing it used anymore. They're using much different herbicides now, if you really want to know what's being sprayed on the fields, you might check out RFDTV, they usually have programs that promote the latest chemicals and application techniques. Or check out Farm Journal or a similar publication.

I would almost bet that there is more 2-4D sprayed on lawns in the cities than on fields.

they already are getting 'bombed'

with barium, aluminum oxide, etc.

just look up.

the community where my summer home is located has been showing barium in the soil and water samples for the last few years - we are sprayed almost every day - yesterday was off the chart.

the county health department actually sought help from the state in determining the source of the toxic barium. that stopped after three 'men in black' paid a visit to the county health director's office.

I'm sorry but natural news is

I'm sorry but natural news is a propaganda website, not a news website. No where in that article did they come close to explaining how this compound works or what was really going on. 2,4-D has been used for decades on agricultural fields and lawns. 2,4-D is the active compound in Weed and Feed fertilizers and Weed Be Gone products. For those that are interested in the actual scientific literature concerning the application of 2,4-D here are some links:

Introducing bacterial genes into maize and soybeans for resistance (the ability to degrade) to 2,4-D:

Bacterial species and genes related to 2,4-D degradation:

A scientific review of the link between 2,4-D and cancer:

This is just a starting point for anyone really intested in understanding what is going on. Knowledge is powerful. Remember to keep an open mind and be able to differentiate between facts/opinions/propoganda.

I'm sure

that chem trails contain something not good. Too much is dying in my yard. Mice, bees, wasps, etc.

My son was in the Kuwait war and was sprayed with something. At the time, it was labeled Agent Orange, blistering his skin, but others say AO hasn't been used since Nam.

I never in my life thought I would be saying the US is totally out of control but it, sadly to say, it.


2,4-D herbicide

Here is a very good link to a Canadian article on 2,4-D
I suggest everyone in a flap about this herbicide read it.

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This is why we so need a freed market

and justice system. No one should be allowed to pollute without severe consequences and full accountability.

2,4-D herbicide

2,4-D has been used as an agricultural herbicide since the 1940s. While it is very toxic if applied incorrectly and to agricultural workers who inadvertently breathe it or get it on their skin, only one study done in 1991 has linked it to lymphoma ( a kind of cancer) in dogs whose owners spray this herbicide on the lawn more than 4x a year. (Well, duh, rolling in any toxic chemical is dangerous for anyone!) There are are much better applications for home use such as corn gluten to stop emergence of weeds. Better yet, plant a garden where the lawn is. Continued use of chemical herbicides such as 2,4 D are not sustainable in the long run. The Henry Ford Foundation in 2004 listed 2,4-D as one of the 75 most important innovations of modern times because of its contribution to increasing crop yields.