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Gold/SIlver MLM (Affiliate Marketing): Anyone interested in promoting Sound Money?

I have had my custom banner up for about a month now on my website: http://freeindependentsun.com for the AOCS Members Mint.

For anyone unfamiliar with what an MLM is, I wrote an article comparing AOCS (MLM) with the Federal Reserve (Pyramid Scheme):


I'm not going to promise big money or any easy "get rich quick" scheme. I would only want people who are actually interested in buying the metals, who love promoting sound money, and who is looking for a way on monetizing their website, or making some extra Gold/Silver on the side.

The program pays out credit toward coins on commissions of sales. I've done another MLM for a while (http://seraf.amazonherb.net) and can help give ideas on how to get customers. It takes some work, and an actual passion for the product, but it is totally do-able.

If you have a website you can even use the banner I created, or I can help you make a custom one (I can even help you build your website: http://permanomics.com).

I'd love to find some like-minded Liberty activists that are interested in working together. What I find is that you need to have your MLM as a back-up to what you already do. You want a easy place for people to access it, but the people who are going to buy from your most are those you meet through your practice.

I am an activists and travel around, so the people who have bought (unfortunately they did so through the main site and not through my link...need to be more clear on that) and shown interest I have met through the grassroots. I have made a sale with my other MLM through a visitor of my website whom I never met. It can happen, just rare.

Anyway, if you are interested check out the my Member's Mint link:


And feel free to contact me through here, or my email: jack@freeindependentsun.com

My plan to really get this popping is to start a Barter Community when I get home, build a website for it and have participating vendors price their goods for trade in Copper, Silver, Gold, Food (homegrown, Meat, Dairy, Bag of Veggies, etc.), Wine (by bottle: I live in Sonoma Valley so it is fitting), Beer (we have some up-and-coming home brewers), and "Labor."

Until then though, I would love to find some potential affiliate to sign up under me and help them build their personal practices and figuring out how to leverage that into Sound Money sales.