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Former Aide of Ron Paul on CNN: Paul is NOT a racist! - Video

Well, at least we can give this to people that claim the racist stuff... I think eric discredits himself on the other Issues so we dont worry about those, BUT this IS good for the racist claims.. He did work for Paul for 15 years before being FIRED.



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This guy is a joke

Not worried about this.

Even CNN points out he's a publicity hound.

What's YOUR motive CNN? Is this a corporate vendetta?

I hate the hypocrisy.

I can't stand that guy Eric whatshisface.

Marshmallows for him too!

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I grew up in Lake Jackson

And was in high school in 2001. That area's reaction to 9-11 was no different than any other place in the country. Ron was not in a panecea of non-interventionist, which makes his stand against the wars that much more impressive.

Eric Dondero used to be Eric Rittberg.

Maybe the name change as part of a complete makeover? I can only wonder what caused Ron Paul to fire him.

Yes, Ron Paul is a bit nervous about gay sex, perfectly demonstrated in a scene of the bizarre comedy Bruno. During the 2007-2008 campaign Ron Paul was tricked into a closed-door interview with Bruno during which Bruno drops his drawers. Paul made a very hasty retreat.

Dondero/Rittberg has made it his life’s mission to retaliate against Paul for firing him. He has blogged and commented on hundreds if not thousands of of news stories about Paul and is apparently willing to say or write anything to undermine Paul. His venom and persistence goes well beyond a normal fired-employee/ex-boss relationship, almost to the point of a jilted lover’s animosity.

As for Dondero's claim of Paul being anti-Israel, please see this rebuttal by Israeli Dr. Leon Hadar:

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

well, Duh-dero wants hearsay, let's have hearsay:

here's some interesting morsel on this character:


"While we're airing dirty laundry, let me air some of Dondero's. He's a militarist. He literally believes "My military, right or wrong." If tomorrow, the military was tasked with rounding up Jews (or Muslims) and putting them all into concentration camps, Dondero would champion the process, so long as the U.S. military was doing the work..."

"Dondero is a disgruntled former staffer of Paul's who was fired for disavowing Paul's noninterventionist stance on foreign policy...I know Dondero better than most people. I stayed at his house for about a month and a half in 2004, back before I knew what a militarist lunatic whackjob he was..."

"Direct quotes from Dondero:
"Women don't understand politics, and shouldn't be involved with politics."
(He said this when his wife, a chinese immigrant, was defending Mao Tse Tung, and Mao's policies, at Dondero's house, in 2004)
"Atlas Shrugged is my second favorite book, right after Dickens' 'A Tale of Two Cities'"
(Interesting. ...Too bad he didn't understand much of what he read.)"


"My Commentary on the Huffington Post's Hitpiece on Ron Paul: "Eric Dondero, Former Ron Paul Aide, Addresses Newsletters"

See: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/26/eric-dondero-ron-pa...


"Eric Dondero Rittberg, The Real-Life "Master Shake"?"


here's the lurid 411 on Duh-dero:


"8) Interestingly, Eric Dondero is also a racist eugenicist. He stated to me at one point, in 2004, "Blacks aren't as smart as whites." I roundly criticized him for this, and he tried to justify it by referencing "The Bell Curve," by Charles Murray, a book I admittedly haven't read. Nonetheless, when I started pointing to examples of black men who were clearly smarter than Eric, he qualified his statement by claiming that "Overall, blacks are less intelligent, although there are some smart ones." (If that's not an exact quote, it's very close, and captures the sentiment, 100%.) Eric claims this view point, because his "second major passion, beyond politics," according to him, "is anthropology." His bookshelves are full of books about primitive man (I saw this when I was there in 2004)."

ALL of which makes one extrapolate that indeed, it may actually have been Eric Duh-dero who without any permission from Dr. Paul, inserted those passages by stealth to implicate him, as something to hold over him later on. & who knows, perhaps if there ever were a 'severance package' of sorts, they signed a CYA in which the Doc would be contractually bound to never reveal the ghostwriter's identity.

While it may be open to speculation, if there is a CYA letter/contracts of sorts, it could be why Duhdero is damn near daring the Doc to reveal who the source is.

frankly by now considering how many have gotten to know who the Doctor is, how principled he has been in his personal and professional capacity, without a shadow of a doubt, NO ONE would ever believe that the genteel country Doc could ever possibly have a bigoted bone in his entire body!

Regardless, this is a moot issue in light of real dire straits facing us today.

In the rhetorical counterpoint vacuum created by the official campaign's inaction in addressing this matter fully, MSM is having way too much fun.

But, believe CNN actually 'interviewing' Duh-dero as if he's someone credible of any sort without vetting who this guy is (which a simple google would've easily told the producers what a liar he is), has probably "jumped the shark."

It's the MSM's dud.

While it still won't be fully resolved until the Doc & campaign make a definitive stance on this issue publicly sometime down the line, hopefully at the latest between NH & SC, Duh-dero ironically may have sealed the fate for this round of MSM attacks.

In some ways, Dr. Paul's near silence on the matter must be driving the MSM nuts, because if their intended target is not responding, all they're essentially doing is talking to themselves, and the more they do so, more they seem like they're simply out to get him when they don't feature him on air, to respond.

I for one have zero problem believing that Duh-dero was a COINTEL to begin with. Hey, it's all hearsay. Then again, hasn't this entire endlessly useless drudging up of 20yr old newsletter that everyone, including his MSM attackers agree, he did not write, has all been anecdotal & hearsay?

Can't wait till the Doc absolutely destroy these RINOs based on sheer consistent record, which they cannot in a million yrs match, thus the current coordinated mudslinging that's only bound to blowback.

these hacks can stuff that in their Xmas stockings.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Well NO SHIT He towed

the Repub party line up until 9-11! GW Bush was elected on a foreign policy platform similar to Ron's and republicans across the board spent a significant amount of time hammering Clinton in the late 1990's on policing the world.

It's this guy whose policy-leanings changed, along with the rest of the republican party as the neoconservative ideology infected the traditional conservative military platform.

Ron hasn't changed his foreign policy stance since he took office, and has always taken the "Mr. Republican" foreign policy position. He makes a very good point that up until the past decade, republicans were always put into office to END the wars, not start and expand them. This is a very new movement in American politics, in historical terms, and obviously this former aide jumped right on board with it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Progress is precisely that which the rules and regulations did not foresee. - Ludwig Von Mises.

That guy.

Moving on.


If anyone watching COULDN'T tell that Eric Duh-dero was full of sh*t, it's only solidifying the notion that sheeple are still the majority in Amerika.

Eric could not speak a word without long pauses, fake gaggle, & indignant assertions.

glad even the CNN hack wasn't buying it either.

though a mixed bag in some sense; someone who is obviously acting like almost every pissed off fired disgruntled fmr.employee sounding like he's out to get even with his former boss, adamantly debunking any rumors that Dr.Paul is what they accused him to be, should put any doubts away in minds of PC-twitchy antiwar liberals, yet Benton & campaign rightfully asserting that Duh-dero is just that: a fired, disgruntled former employee and has no credibility, just kinda negates that argument.

what did it accomplish?

who knows.

frankly, in some sense all this newsletter brouhaha is irrelevant to the extent that the only thing that RINO base gets pissed off about is the Israel issue & 'antisemitic' smear.

but to the independents and disillusioned Obama voters, this issue can be touchy.

I have no doubt the lead in Iowa is solid, with full ground operation and momentum, unless they go Diebold thievin' on us, he's got it in the bag.

NH = top 3 guaranteed.

but lull between NH & SC, if this newsletter smear flares up again, this nonsense must be put to the pasture, once and for all, so the Doc can truly educate the sheeple & talk about what really matters: restoring Bill of Rights & prevention plan for utter currency collapse.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Isn't he a perry supporter??

After he was fired , didn't he become a perry supporter??

Speaks volumes about his present character doesn't it.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

It is amazing how they twisted a Dondero quote to look...

like they were quoting Ron Paul!! Check out the video at about 25 seconds on and the graphics with the verbal script purposefully misdirects the viewer into thinking that these are Ron Pauls positions and quotes when actually they are Dondero quotes about what he says he heard. BS! once again

"Israel is more trouble than it is worth to the American Taxpayer"

"Opposed to the war in Afghanistan and opposed to any military re-action in response to 9/11"

"Does not believe the United States had any business getting involved to stop Hitler in WWII"

Is SLANDER to strong of a word for this and isn't it illegal? Isn't this what we are dealing with all along? Isn't there a point where the campaign actually takes them to task legally for SLANDEROUS statements meant to harm and discredit his character? or do we just have to put up with this?

Your 15 minutes..

Is just about up. Go ahead and head down to Iowa. Try to convince RP supporters he isnt what he says he is. RP supporters arent going ANYWHERE.. but they might get in your face if you try to discredit RP.

If he werent ASHAMED who he was working for.. he wouldnt mind dropping their names. Clearly he is ashamed of who is paying him

Semper Fortis

I see whats going on

He knows the racist stuff wont hold up as a credible reason to make people shy away from Ron Paul so he paints the image that he knows Ron Paul really well and makes him self look credible by defending him on the racist issue because he knows it means nothing to the masses and then attacks his foreign policy that some people are capable of debating and has more credibility on getting people to change their mind for voting for Ron Paul if they can confuse hes supporters hes foreign policy is crazy. also hes wrong on the fact RP has 911 truther views and if u read what he said about RP its completely wrong for example he states RP did not want to have any action against the 911 attack when really that's simply not true he wanted to go after thos responsible but not wage war on the entire country so clearly anyone that knows RPs positions will automatically ignore this guy because he fails to truly attack are base of supporters. this will affect us in the long run if people like this keep going on national tv and saying this BS because it will make it harder for people to wanna join are base but it could back fire and let people get interest in RP and when they see the truth it might turn against the establishment.

NCMarc's picture

This guy is a plant to

This guy is a plant to discredit Ron. Ron voted FOR going after Bin Laden. So this guy is already not credible.

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

this guy sounds like a real

this guy sounds like a real professional. i think we should totally take him seriously. ROFL what a joke...

For a different view of Dr. Paul's position on Israel...


"Speaking with Haaretz on Tuesday, Hadar discounted Paul's characterization as anti-Israel, saying: "He is against Israel as I am against January. He is just against foreign aid, and does not see any reason to grant an aid to the country that is a member of OECD."

That's a strange claim Dondero is making that Paul changed

after 9/11 because it was safe to do so in regards to his electoral prospects!

I don't

I don't trust this guy! Who is he working for?

Jason Burns

Welcome to the r3VOLuti0n!


why did she not ask for the

why did she not ask for the names of the republican candidates he tries to get on the ballot in CA?

She tried twice but did not directly ask who is he working for

when he went around the question...


Awesome video! Totally discredited himself.

He's doing what glenn beck

He's doing what glenn beck did to Debra Medina, trying to label Ron Paul as a 911 truther

A nobody who disagrees with

A nobody who disagrees with Ron Paul's foreign policy is news?

Here's What I Heard:

1. Dondero is currently being paid by two of Ron Paul's GOP rivals.
2. He's trying to get free publicity to further his own interests
3. He's a neocon
4. His neocon beliefs have shaped his criticism for Paul

Dondero IS a bigot! Just look

Dondero IS a bigot! Just look for his views on muslims.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Eric's getting paid. Just a

Eric's getting paid.

Just a hunch.


Funny that CNN has no problem asking Dr. Paul the same question about the newsletters three times in a row, after asking the same question twice the day before. However, they won't even ask this guy the obvious question: "which two campaigns are currently employing you?". They don't want you to know that this guys is not credible at all. It reminds me of the article I had just recently read where Bachmann's campaign manager said Iowa meant nothing if Paul won it. Well of course the CM of a rival is going to color news that's bad for his employer. How is that quote credible?

Regardless it is a good thing

Regardless it is a good thing he is speaking on behalf of Ron paul on all the racist stuff, which is what matters to most people right now... the other stuff he has no credibility on...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Yeah, a net positive, I

Yeah, a net positive, I agree. Weird, though... just weird.

Somebody should ask him....

What are your views on Mitt and Newt seing how you consider RP so bad. Certainly if he considers himself a Libertarian it would cancel those two big government idiots out of the picture. Sounds motivated by another campaign to me.