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Ex-aide calls Rep. Ron Paul's foreign policy views 'pure lunacy'

By Cameron Joseph - 12/27/11 08:40 AM ET

A former congressional aide to Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) has written a piece slamming the presidential hopeful's foreign-policy views, calling them "pure lunacy" in an online post on the conservative website Rightwingnews.com.

The long piece by former aide Eric Dondero alleges awkward treatment by Paul of gays and Jews, but saves its strongest criticisms for his policy positions.

"It’s his foreign policy that’s the problem; not so much some stupid and whacky things on race and gays he may have said or written in the past," he writes.

read more hxxp://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/201373-ex-aide-ron-paul-anti-afghanistan-war-anti-israel-uncomfortable-around-gays#thecomments-form-message

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STOP USING "HOTLINKS" when posting articles that attack Dr. Paul

because it will improve their search engine rank

It looks like this has been fixed for this post, but for anyone reading this, for future reference, instead of:


just post....


People can then copy and paste it into their browser.

We should also do this when linking to online polls.

I've met Eric Dondero

I had a long conversation with Dondero a few months ago. He is a rabid Muslim hater and believes they all need to be killed. That is why he hates Ron Paul foreign policy.

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stop giving these people

stop giving these people backlinks, it only makes them more credible to google. use hxxp and let people here change the link to suit their needs.

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Who cares what this fool

Who cares what this fool says? He is obviously a plant. His job is to demonize Ron Paul. The "newsletters" aren't gaining any traction.

This guy has no credentials. I assume he is being paid by the GOP Establishment.

DONDERO'S at it again!

Dondero-FIRED. Dondero-DISGRUNTLED. Dondero-LOST(ran against RP for his congressional chair). Dondero-GOP ESTABLISHMENT BACKED. Dondero-P.O.S. LOSER.

Spread the word. HuffPo's using this tool for hit pieces too.

I do not find this man credible.

Ron Paul is a staunch advocate of National Sovereignty - his supposed position that Israel should not exist is incorrect(IMHO and understanding of who Ron Paul is).

Wonder if this guy has any kids or grandkids...wonder how happy he would be if they were sent to fight in an invasion and subsequently died. Guess he'd say, "At least we're safe."

That's lunacy.

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A nobody who criticizes Dr.

A nobody who criticizes Dr. Paul's foreign policy is news?