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I better not pout. Perry and Bachmann and Gingrich are coming to town*Updated*

OK, I admit it. I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to convince Ron Paul to come to our town. This will make two campaigns without the good doctor stopping by our area in Iowa. I guess he has to go where the votes are and our county isn't that populated.

I wouldn't mind so much if the other candidates were also skipping our town. It's kind of discouraging to think that any votes that I might have delivered after years of talking with my friends, putting up signs, getting teased about being the local Ron Paul nut, and putting up with the GOP committee meetings and paperwork could all be negated by a few hours of the Rick and Michele roadshow.

Well we still have the caucus night speeches. Any voter's support who is persuaded by these last minute whistle-stop appearances will probably be fairly soft. Hopefully a good speech will be enough to turn them around. Again.

So now Gingrich is scheduled to come to Shenandoah on Friday night.


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What time?

Do you know when they will be there? And what venue (I'm guessing the Depot, right?)

I have an extra Ron Paul sign just waiting for such an occasion.

I'm not sure.

I heard Bachmann was going to make an appearance at one of her supporter's house on Center street.
I have no idea where Perry is going to be.

Its funny. Back in August I got a call from someone in Rick Perry's campaign asking if there was some local event that he could show up at. (As the county chairman I get such calls.) I told him I wasn't really interested, that we weren't planning any central committee meetings, and that I was a Ron Paul supporter.
I wonder why he never called back.
I got a call from Sarah Palin's organization around then too.
Just curious.
Why is it that coming to this area seems to make sense to other campaigns, but isn't worthwhile for Ron Paul?

It must have something to do with the KIND of voters here, not just the number of voters?

The Virtual Conspiracy

I don't think that Ron's campaign doesn't think it's worthwhile

He's just hitting venues that will support all of his supporters! While Bachmann can easily fit her 2 supporters into a house on center street, and it looks like the Grinch is hitting M's Fine Dining later this week *crickets chirping*, RP knows that he needs a bigger venue to accomodate his following. He'll be at the Mid America Center later this week and I'll be seeing him in Atlantic on Thursday. Can't wait! :)

You can't stuff hundreds of people in a house, or the Depot, or some tiny restaurant on Sheridan Ave, or even the Elks. I just can't think of any place in Shen that would support the number of people he'd attract. He's popular :)

Thursday @ 3pm

Ron Paul will be in Atlantic on Thursday 3pm @ the Cass county fair grounds building. Bach will be here tonight at the pizza ranch at around 7pm.. we plan on party crashing it if she starts bad mouthing our guy.. Dont Tread on Us!

Just be careful

..you don't win her any sympathy votes.
IF she mentions Ron Paul in a negative way, boo away.
But if you are perceived as JUST heckling, that won't help our guy and could hurt.
Most of the Iowan GOP I know don't like rude people.

Believe me, if heckling and making random rude comments at meetings hurt candidates, THEY would be using that against Ron Paul

Actually, I think THEY have planted some people in audiences to pretend to be rude Ron Paul SUPPORTERS before.

That works a lot better.

Hey, maybe you should go to Ron Paul's event and pretend to be a rude Romney or Perry supporter. Just a thought.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Watch out for the gay robots

They may not have lasers yet, but play it safe anyhow.


Unfortunately gay robot hecklers

will probably WIN her votes in the Iowa caucuses.
Actually, almost any kind of heckling would probably be counterproductive.
It is more likely to get her sympathy votes.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Perhaps Micheller and Rick will fight over who gets heckled

by the gay robot.

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Go to the town halls and ask

Go to the town halls and ask hard questions.. people will turn on them.

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

Are you going to their

Are you going to their rallies to stand respectfully with your huge "RP for President" sign?


Gotta work.
Heck, even if Ron Paul were to show up in town I would need some advance notice to get away.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Can't you call in to dead or

Can't you call in to work dead or something? "Can't work, I'm dead. Sorry. Be in tomorrow."

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you can go to see HIM? Sorry to be presumptuous - but if RP was within a couple hours drive from my house, I'd find a way to get there. Packed rooms are hard for the MSM to hide. : )

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Yeah I can see him on Thursday...

... in Council Bluffs.
And I agree he does get some favorable press from nice big friendly crowds.
And as much as I enjoy seeing RP I am NOT the one who needs to see him.
In fact, anybody else I can talk into driving an hour to see Ron Paul is already in the bag.
Its getting down to crunch time and my being another warm body in a crowd of 800 people isn't going to do him as much good as sticking around here and trying to get out the vote.

The Virtual Conspiracy