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Students in Iowa on break from college and at home?

Can someone in the know comment on the point I've seen twice in other media that students will be home from college on Jan 3 (the caucuses) and so won't be a factor in Paul's voting?

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If they went to Ft. Lauderdale or out-of-state for winter break

...maybe it would make a difference. Otherwise, no change. Whoever is going to vote will find a way to vote, if they are in Iowa.

No effect

If they live in Iowa and are at home they can still vote. If they are residents of a different state but attend school in Iowa they could not have participated in voting in Iowa's caucuses anyway.


I am in Waterloo, IA. Where are you?

Jason Burns

Welcome to the r3VOLuti0n!


I live in MN

I am not a student at a school in Iowa but even if I were, I could not participate in voting in the Iowa Caucuses because I am not resident of Iowa.

This is my point. It makes no difference if students are at home on break from school.

If they are Iowa residents they will participate. If they are not Iowa residents then it makes no difference if they are on Campus or at home as they are prohibited from voting anyway.