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Floor Space in Manchester, NH for HARDCORE Activists

Hello everyone.

In Oct 2007 I quit my job, sold a bunch of crap and drove north with no delay. I'd caught wind of Operation Live Free or Die and I was sold! Having spent the last few years in door to door then business to business sales, I felt I MUST go knock NH doors on Dr Paul's behalf. I did so from Nov 10 to Jan 7, six days a week, 10 hours a day. In that time many Porcupines gave me a couch or floor to stay on, so I didn't have to waste my money on a hotel room.

So I'm trying to pay that back.

What we've got: Copious amounts of (carpeted) floor space in the middle of Manchester, NH.
We can probably house 6-10 people w/ air mattresses (your air mattress, I'm only providing a place to put it)
Included: Heat, hot water, shower/toilet, electricity (you're on your own for internet), MAYBE meals if you chip-in on groceries.

Requirements: You must be MOTIVATED. I don't want to see you in my apartment unless you're going to sleep or waking up.
Seriously, I can't tell you how upset I was back in late 2007 when a bunch of people showed up at the very last minute and treated the amazing accommodations as a vacation spot. There I was almost two months deep into knocking doors almost every day, and these jerks show up at the last minute and proceed to PARTY. I was practically reduced to baby-sitting, trying to get people out of the door in the morning, hearing all kinds of BULLSHIT excuses how someone had a head-ache (shouldn't have stayed up drinking til 3am, then...) and couldn't go out to work that day. SO, the ideal candidate(s) would be self-motivated, and not the type to wait around for instructions, or need to have their hand held...

Now don't get me wrong: I like to party. But I'm not offering a crash space for itinerant partiers. I'm offering space for people who want to expend their time, labor, resources and energy BUSTING ASS to help Dr Paul get the WIN in NH. There will be partying opportunities, but only for the people who WORK HARD, FIRST. And seriously, we know how to party so it will be worth it, IF YOU EARN IT.

Common space is a smoke friendly environment, with two needy cats, so no allergies please.
If you can't read this far and you've got allergies thats YOUR tough luck, not mine.
The cats are permanent members of this apartment, and they've got a pack a day habit :p

If you meet the above qualifications, don't be surprised if you determine that this is THE Liberty Mecca.
You won't want to leave, and we probably won't want to let you go. You're going to love it up here.

We're hoping to hear from you. Facebook is probably the best method.

In Liberty,

Sovereign Curtis & his lovely girlfriend Robin Freiheit.

PS Here is an awesome pic from my time campaigning in 2007/2008. It was totally unplanned, as we (Tennyson McCalla and I) just went to the Concord HQ on a SUNDAY so I could re-up on campaign literature and such (that stack under my arm was about a ten day supply). Lucky for us RP was there and this pic happened.
Come here, kick ass, and maybe you can get lucky and get yourself such an awesome pic.

PPS It gets cold up here, so bring lots of warm layers (stay away from cotton if you plan to be walking around outside all day)

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I sent you guys a little cheese!

We just gotta win this thing! Thanks for what you are doing!

An idea whose time has come can not be stopped by any army or government-- Ron Paul 2012

comments from Iowa about delegate procedures

Curtis, I am wondering if anyone there working with you is especially involved in ensuring we come away from NH with delegates? If so, would they send me their email for some specifics on how we succeeded in Iowa?

HELP! I can't say NO!

HELP! I can't say NO! Instead of the 10-12 people I figured I could accommodate, I'm now putting up NINETEEN and I STILL keep getting messages. We're kicking MAJOR ass, and I just can't turn these activists down. The chip-in works out to less than TEN BUCKS a person! PLEASE DONATE!


We've reached capacity! We're

We've reached capacity! We're hosting 10 liberty activists, the furthest away coming from my hometown in North Carolina!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us by donating to the chip-in (all six of you wonderful people). But we're only at 16.5% of our goal, and these people could REALLY use your donation to offset the cost of fuel and food!




I've got ~6 people so far. I could handle maybe three or four more!

And please consider chipping in to help out with gas and food!


Chip-in stuck at 14%. Please

Chip-in stuck at 14%. Please consider donating.

Thank you!

That is very nice of you

bump for Positive Activism.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

OLFD was fun

but we didn't party!

i mean - we DID - by virtue of kicking ass and literally taking names - door to door - but when it came time to go back to our cabin in the woods - we were WAY WAY to tired to even drink the beer we had bought or been given!!!!!

if it weren't for the fact that we are so tied down right now, we'd be up there right now - this VERY second.

miss you all in NH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, then you didn't spend any

Ah, then you didn't spend any time late in the campaign at the Rye houses, did you?


CHIP IN is all set to go

Help our brothers and sisters in NH! http://olfod2012.chipin.com/olfod-foodgasnet

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

Thanks Aphrodite13! We're

Thanks Aphrodite13! We're almost up to 10% of the goal!

Bump - Got about half the

Bump - Got about half the capacity spoken for already, most people coming up Jan 4/5.

Anyone want to say damn it all and haul ass up here for NYE?

Also, trying to work out the chip-in option. I have no paypal/bank acct, so gotta find a reputable co-conspirator.

reedr3v's picture



How is it going in New Hampshire

Curtis.. I have a feeling of how well Iowa is organized, but what would you about the operation in New Hampshire... Are we pretty well organized on the second go around?


Well I'd have to say its much

Well I'd have to say its much stronger than previously, even lacking the outside help (remember by this time last year the original Operation: Live Free or Die was in full swing, and people like myself had been up here for 2-6 weeks already).

I don't think its especially attributable to FSP/Liberty activists, but rather its due to the same reasons hes doing well in other states:

1. Experience. He and his campaign staffers learned a lot last go round, and they're (thankfully) successfully implementing that knowledge to their benefit (ground game, campaign ads, etc). (I think this same reasoning can be applied to the grass roots. We've experienced it once, and now we're all better educated and able to handle a second try)

2. The times they are a changing. Ron Paul's views are becoming much more mainstream, and people are pretty fed up with the same ole' same ole'.

3. Fundraising. I haven't really been paying attention to his fundraising, but I recently read that by Sept 30th the RP campaign had raised about twice what it did in 2007. That money is apparently being put to good use.

Probably most important is the change in Ron Paul himself. Hes no longer a reluctant candidate, loathe to do the necessary pressing of flesh. That was probably his biggest problem in NH last time, the fact that he really didn't want to go out and meet people and attend house parties, etc. Those things are something NH voters absolutely EXPECT a candidate to do, and they're reluctant to support someone who doesn't play the game.

But when all is said and done I'm still reluctant to get my hopes up. I can't tell you how bad it stung on election night when it was announced he only got 8% of the vote in NH, after I'd spent two months campaigning for him non-stop. BIG let down and I don't want to set myself up for something like that, again.

Thanks for all your dedication.

I know in Minnesota when he came we had at least 4000 people to show to meet with him! It was great and while waiting to get out of the parking lot, I met with other past delegates. They said the same thing the base has grown in their counties by a lot... We almost won it for him because of the organization but the Old GOP guard changed the rules after the largest county went for Ron Paul.. Long story short they are out and we have new blood.

Keep up the work as people have to remember this isn't going to be a two state event, but a battle to win in all States... Ron Paul has to make that clear we have to go after every state and win!

Bump because apparently

Bump because apparently people don't know the definition of 'activism'...

Won't be able to come up

I'm hardcore but have a family to take care of here, but I can also offer food etc or cash if you have a chipin. I am in CT and can drive up one day with provisions or meet halfway.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

hhhmmm, you're not the first

hhhmmm, you're not the first (or second) to say they'd donate money/food. Perhaps I do need to set up a chip-in.

Do it

I'd rather chip in $ than have to drive up to Nh to bring food..save me the time and gas.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

Here you go! Please spread

Here you go! Please spread this around!


Got my first taker! He'll be

Got my first taker! He'll be coming up Jan 4th and staying the duration!

Join him! Its an ADVENTURE!


I'm now receiving offers of FOOD for the activists I put up. My lovely girlfriend will cook it up, so hot food for your belly's after a day's work.


Love this

Big bump for Liberty!

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Can you tell me why people

Can you tell me why people pollute the activism forum with non-activism threads? Its a bit ridiculous.

Thanks & get internet access

Thanks & get internet access now, good wifi routers now to work out all the kinks. Start a chip-in we'll all contribute. Re link that awsome pic I want to see it:)

I want to see pic, too..

I want to see pic, too..

Internet: I KNOW liberty

Internet: I KNOW liberty activists LOVE their internet, but I don't really want to provide any incentive to stay indoors, ya know? Those who can't live without it will just have to make their own plans (like tethering a smart phone).

Picture: That link isn't working for you? I just clicked it and its linking just fine for me.

I know its displayed here, let me know if you can see it

not yet.

not yet.