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Just another SLAM Ron Paul day on the Michael Medved show

Medved is really back on his heels with the prospect of a Ron Paul Iowa win - or even a 2nd place showing.

So far today he has...

1. Called Ron a racist
2. Called him an isolationist
3. Says he supports prostitution
4. Called him a Nazi
5. Called him a leftist
6. Says he supports drug use
7. AND...Basically said that Ron Paul would be a WORSE president than OBAMA!

Medved is in this order:

Israel first
Party second
Military-Industrial-Central Banking complex third
U.N. fourth
Country fifth
U.S. Constitution sixth

He has NO BUSINESS calling himself a conservative.

In fact, he has no business calling himself an American.

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Medved smears Dr. Paul's "Austrian Economics" as Hitler & Nazis

After hearing Michael "Deadhead" Medved's show today (01/04/12) I felt compelled to talk to the Zeocon to set him straight. However, after finally getting through and holding for close to an hour, the bastards cut me off to change topics. So, I had to settle for writing him a "disagreement" letter via the contact service on his website. And now, I'd like to share my letter with the rest of you. Mr. Medved, my disagreement is that while you disgustingly imply that many Paul supporters are Nazis/or KKKr's you are forgetting that many of those very same "racists" certainly voted for (your buddy) Bush over both Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004, but where was your outrage about that? And what about all of the black racists, including Black Panthers who intimidated white voters at polling places in 2008 that voted for Obama over McCain? (I've never heard you refer to Obama or his followers as racists)? And in 2008 there is certainly some white racists that voted for McCain instead of Paul or Barr over Obama (assuming only the mainstream candidates had a chance). Why didn't you chastise any and/or criticize any of the aforementioned? And if any GOP candidate, past or present, has NAZI ties it's certainly the Bush family. In fact, W. Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush, was actually charged with Trading with the Enemy by funding Hitler (in violation of the Trading with the Enemy Act) while he was CEO of Union Banking Corp. of New York (No conspiracy here, even FOX news ran an article about this!) Furthermore, the Kuhn, Loeb Bank under the direction of Jacob Schiff (Rothschild's right-hand man and son in law) funded Hitler as well. And Zionist support for Hitler is well documented. Have you not read the "Transfer Agreement: The Dramatic Story of the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine" by Edwin Black (Jewish Scholar)? The Zionists did in fact, fund the half-Jew Hitler. Wake up, you Khazzar/AskeNAZI! You're too dumb to even know who the Jews' real enemies are. But then again, why would a crypto-Jew (a fake one) care?


Medved? That movie critic hack turned political hack? Haaaaaaahahahaha!

Micheal Medved: Neo Con Impostor in svc to Israel

Just like liberals do, Micheal Medved cannot debate common sense and facts - so he resorts to ad hominem, name calling trade mark of liberals. Micheal's job on behalf of Israel and globalist alike is to keep Christian public opinion within Israel first group think box. Micheal railed against Texans who were at odds against the Texas NAFTA super highway, that Rick Perry supported. He said it was just a conspiracy, of course no one was buying it.

Shouldn't failed film critic be the top of Medved's attributes?

Two thumbs down.

This guy is much better:

Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate who speaks directly and clearly without a lot of hot air and lip flap. bit.ly/v9uTgv


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Ditto for Redding News Review. He's slamming RP also.


email just sent:


I’m an avid listener of your show, but your smearing of Ron Paul is very poor form.

Why are you dredging the same “political swamp,’ just like the MSM?
I thought that you were the best “alternative” news source.
Why are you reporting on this crap, JUST LIKE THE MSM?
I can already get this crap from them!
I would not expect this hate speech against Ron Paul from you!


I had never heard of this guy.

He is a racist... 100 %... how will this help blacks, not how will this help the country. His saying Ron wears a sheet and wants to burn a cross on his lawn really pissed me off. I wish you would have asked him what color sheet he wears. We are seeing nonstop attacks on Ron this week. They are really worried about him winning Iowa.

Formerly rprevolutionist

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Rob Redding just read my email on his show.

Listening to his reply now.


These neocon hacks have been around too long to be this stupid. A Racist/Nazi/Leftist/isolationist? Obviously with a little bit of journalistic integrity and discernment, these claims are easily refuted but they press on....day in and day out. I dont think THEY even believe the sludge they are spewing about RP, but the fix is in and they smell blood. Vultures all of them.

who's a natzi,say'sthe ketle

well we all know Dr.paul is gana win,but they will cheet us out of our victory then the true natzi party will be goose step'n all the way to the fed,then what will we do?


Yep... The Salem Network

It would be nice to find out who the top shareholders of the Salem Network are... They support all of these Talkshow hosts.

I can't get through...

The lines are overflowing with Ron Paul supporters!

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Keep Trying!