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Gingrich Wouldn't Vote for Ron Paul

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In about two

weeks, Grinch will be gone and soon forgotten and very very few people will care what Grinch thinks and there will not be anyone in the media giving him the opportunity to voice his opinion. Grinch will go back to lobbying, selling influence, attending Bohemian Grove events, mingling with the CFR crowd and hitting on prostitutes. What will Shamnity do then? boo hoo

Grinch = LOSER!

Who cares what these despised

Who cares what these despised pols think? It's practically an endorsement. And the mainstream will NEVER earn our support if that is how they are going to characterize our positions.

“Wasting a vote is sometimes voting for somebody that you don't really believe in."
-Ron Paul

That's OK.

Ron wouldn't vote for him and you know it....

Gingrich can't even vote for

Gingrich can't even vote for himself. He didn't get on the ballot in his home state.

Thats funny!




You know,

I have thought for some time that Dr. Paul and fat boy just really don't like each other.

Jim Rogers

They have a history. Newt has

They have a history. Newt has tried to run the good Dr. out of congress in the past by funding establishment candidates against him.

Yeah but it's only natural.

Newt is an unclean thing, it stands to reason he'd be repelled by goodness.

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