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Iowa Caucuses - Will the threat from Anonymous serve as an excuse for hanky-panky in Iowa next week

I am posting this for my friend KURT HYDE who is a journalist with The New American magazine.
Please see below:


Iowa Caucuses -- Will the threat from Anonymous serve as an excuse for hanky-panky in Iowa next week?

All of you folks have distribution lists, so I'm asking you to get back to me and tell me if you're willing to support initiatives to ensure an honest and accurate vote count in Iowa.

If you have any suggestions, they're welcome, too. PLEASE POST THEM BELOW.

Here's my article on The New American Online:


I see two dangers in what's going on:

Using "security" to implement paper ballots that are counted in secret or otherwise tampered with, and
Using "security" to implement police control points and stifle the Ron Paul people by threatening to accuse them of being disruptive.

I checked the Iowa Republican Party's web site. It looks like they'll be requiring paper ballots for the Presidential vote (This may be a change. I didn't see it last week when I wrote the TNA article above.), but there are no methods listed to protect the vote from ballot box stuffing, ahead of time or after, or to ensure the ballots are counted on site, in public, and immediately after being cast.


I think what we need is an agenda. Instead of waiting until 7:00 PM on January 3rd and being surprised by whatever procedures are being thrown at us, let's try to proactively get the Iowa GOP to add the following electoral safeguards to the 2012 Caucuses. We'll need to contact Iowa GOP members and ask them to initiate these ahead of time or at the caucuses.

Honest and Accurate Vote Count Initiative:

In order to protect the Iowa Caucuses from electoral fraud and from being disrupted by external organizations, we adopt the following security procedures:

If this caucus location has traditionally used a show of hands for voting, that will be the primary method for the 2012 caucus as well.

If this caucus decides to vote via paper ballots, the ballots must not be removed from the premises until after they have been counted in public immediately after being cast, in the presence of the people who cast them, and with an opportunity for representatives of the candidates to challenge.

There will be no restrictions on the use of video or audio recording devices. In order to reconstruct caucus results if such reconstruction becomes necessary, video and audio recording of the final announcements of the vote totals by as many people as possible will be encouraged.

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overlay the above with the fact that

Elron-Voxeo (an Israeli defense contractor) does the tabulating for AP and ALL the MSM gets that info from AP. They have a monopoly on the tabulating and reporting of the vote. No check and balance.


The Only Way to Go

If anyone is serious here...

Media is preparing the hanky-panky: "of course he lost when he is a racist"... Romney is rising on intrade.com since traders clearly see what is going on...


The Republi"con's" love the saying "Never let a crisis go to waste" just as much as the Democ"rats".....

"For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged, by better information or fuller consideration, to change opinions, even on important subjects, which I once thought right but found to be otherwise." - Benjamin Franklin