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Meeting a lawyer who deals with some shady business for big corporations.

I met a man last night who works for "non-profit" organizations. His job is to secretly create these organizations, give 49.99 percent of their fund money (their money comes from million dollar investments) to a certain politician, and the other 51 percent goes to the "education of politics". It's completely secret and you can't see these funds online or in any sort of way. His job is to turn this illegal activity into "legal" fund money. And apparently, he's pretty good at it.

When speaking to him about Ron Paul, he said yes, he may win Iowa, but the Republican Party WILL NOT let him win. He stated bluntly that "Ron Paul winning will shake things up all too much for companies who are very powerful. They won't let it happen".

I, of course, stressed that he has a wonderful chance of winning. Information spreads quickly these days and the years of corruption will soon be stopped. The people are sick of it.

This was not the response I was planning to hear asking him what he's been up to after law school. But I wanted to spread the message and see if anyone else has information on companies or the "non-profit" organizations he's referring to. These are the only details I could get. Either way, we are doing it! They can't stop the people's choice.

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make no mistake about this

The carpet of entrenched corruption which we're now trying to roll back has mountain ranges of dirt under it, and there are more mountain ranges of money and influence in front of it to protect it. I'm sure your friend is right, and that's just one aspect.

To even be in contention for Iowa right now is staggering when you realize just how much power we are up against. Money and power vs. goodness and truth... WHO WILL WIN???

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.