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New Paul Ads need to focus on Vets & MSM Choosing Candidates

#1) They need to highlight how the media are water carriers for the establishment and that what Ron Paul all along that both parties are one and the same are proven by the endless attacks on the false left/right/moderate talk shows and the reason is that he endangers the hundreds of billions who profit off the taxpayer through bailouts, corp subsidies and endless debt spending. People need to have it pointed out to them that nothing ever changes because those with the wealth and influence make your choice for you and you only get to pretend you have a choice in the 2012 elections. Why would anyone vote for Romney when his top 10 supporters are all Wall Street banks much like Obama. False choices.

#2) We need to hammer home the Veterans for Ron Paul issue and how all these chickenhawks who never served have the audacity to tell vets they are wrong and that ONLY Ron Paul has served and has the support of the troops as evidenced by the donations.

The zombies need to be forced to take the Red Pill and step out of the political matrix. It is endless Ron Paul bashing on all stations with the same talking points and somebody needs to point out why. There are TRILLIONS of free money at stake if Ron Paul wins.