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Is Ron Paul Electable? By WeCanWin.org

This article discusses the reality of Ron Paul's electability and the overt attempt by both media and political establishments to discredit him despite the support of a majority of Americans for his positions.

From http://www.wecanwin.org/winning-wire-service.html

"The question that seems to never go away no matter what victories or good showings Ron Paul has is that of electability. Can he win the Republican nomination and go on to the White House?"

" Congressional approval is less than 13%, only 25% of the American people feel the country is going down the right track and while Obama’s ratings are low they are still gaining against the Republican party. There was a recent Politico.com article titled “Paul not in sync with mainstream GOP” which might sound like a bad thing for his candidacy but if he was in sync then his approval ratings would be just as pathetic as the congressional GOP’s."

"Out of the 7 current contenders only two come within 8 points of beating Obama in the general election, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. The establishment said that Dr. Paul could never garner more than single digits in national support and yet currently he is the only candidate who’s national poll numbers are rising to all time highs. In States like Iowa and New Hampshire his numbers continue to rise and his “limited” base is expanding more steadily than any other candidate."

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