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Call for Ron Paul from Home

Phone From Home for RON PAUL!!

Sign up @ http://phone.ronpaul2012.com/

For information on how to get started, call 917-515-5355 today or contact the
National Phone From Home Director Nick Spanos at nicks@ronpaul2012.com. Thanks!

At Phone Bankers for Ron Paul (aka the Phone Banksters), our goal is to get people even more excited to participate in the Ron Paul campaign, and one of the most important ways to do that is through phone banking! We can help you set up your own phone banking operations in your location. We can answer all FAQs and direct you to locations across the country.

I repeat, this is the most powerful tool at our disposal to win! This effort is about to dwarf any previous phone banking effort ever! This is history in the making! Join us!


We desperately NEED more callers!

This is where our campaign far exceeds any campaign in all history! No other campaign has thousands of volunteers making calls. And they can't afford to pay sooo many people to make the calls.

However, we need MORE callers.

Ron Paul says it is the most important thing you can do to help him win. The most important thing you can do to help me become the next President of the United States, you can do from the comfort of your own home.
Listen to this personal appeal from Ron Paul.

Phone From Home for RON PAUL!!

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Very Easy to register

fire it up folks.

Lets Hit it FOLKS 10Days

We need S.C. and we need it now


Once a call is completed, you must choose from one of the options listed on the bottom of the screen to end the call. Please DO NOT physically hang up your phone until you are ready to take a break and you click "Enough for now". The options are
- "voice mail" button is used when you reach the voter's voice mail. After you click this button, a "leave message" button appears, wait for tone then click "leave message". This will leave an automated response on their VM and complete the call for you.
- "unavailable" button used for when the person hangs up on you, the person is not there/ busy/wants call back or some other "unavailable" reason.
- "wrong number" is used for when they say it is a wrong number/party not at this number.
- "do not call" used ONLY if they ask you to stop calling them.
- "call failed" is ONLY clicked if the call fails to go through for any technical reason. A new call will be started.
- "call finished" is used when survey is completed or partially completed. Please don't use this button if another button is more appropriate.

Live free!
Read Ron Paul and Michael Badnarik!

My first call to NH today:

My first call to NH today: Ron Paul all the way, whooo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great start for today : )

My first call today was NOT an answering machine nor an endless ringing phone. But instead a Ron Paul supporter who described himself as having STRONG support with no 2nd choice candidate : )


Great way to start off today's calls. I'm totally psyched!!! It's on!


One million of you activists calling TODAY starting now.

I did not sleep this night.
Something horrible happened to me - I was facing death and being pround to be a Soldier of Liberty - YOU take my hand and see my spirit shine to your hearts and just do it - just do it for you and for your children.

Just call...

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

people I beg you to call

our freedom our very lives depend on it - writing this with tears all over my face and may this song get you fired up:

just call.

call again and keep on calling as if your own life depended on - it does!


LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

last few days

please everyone support this program,
just do it for 1-2 hrs if possible,
just make a few calls, but do it !!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions


Does it cost money to call all the way to Iowa? im all the way in california. I live with my parents (give me a break im 18!) so i dont wanna surprise them with a huge phone bill.
We have A&T as our land-line provider.
any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Using a cell phone is usually

Using a cell phone is usually cheaper than the land line.

Jessie Clyde

why worry? make free calls!

Make a Gmail account and use google talk. Its free. If you have an xbox with a corded controller plug the controller into your computer and use the headset as the headset. Call the phone from home people and ask them how to set it up. they will help you. its easy.

Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com

Google Talk cannot be used for "phone from home"

Only mobile & land lines can be used for the 'phone from home" campaign, according to the information on the web page FAQ. Apparently Google Talk has some anomalies that make it unsuitable.

Phil. 4:13


they just hadn't figured it out when they did the faq. I have used it for many many calls. not one problem. you just have to set it up correctly. thats why you have to call them first. basically the biggest hurdle is you have to use the phone number for your google phone number as your primary number so they may have to reset your account.

Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com

it depends on your plan

If you have a national plan with a fixed monthly rate and that allows you to make as many calls as you want, then, it's all free. If it's not the case, then you need to check the rates. But, I can't imagine they'd be more than a 1c/minute or something like that. So, if you make calls for an hour, that's $1. But, I would check with your parents on the details of your plan.

Don't forget the taxes on long distance calling

There are always add-ons per call unless you have an inclusive long distance plan.

Phil. 4:13


Iowa GOP moving vote-count to 'undisclosed location'




This is how Rand won and this is how Ron Paul will win.

I can't believe we don't see more threads about PFH on the front page of the DP.

Kinda sad...since this is what we should all be doing! I knocked out a 103 calls today. I usually browse the DP or do emails while doing PFH. It's that easy! : )

Thank you

call call call.. up until kill us

with divine help we will win\.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

How Come Michael doesn't put up a Phone Icon?

This is a big thing and the more callers we have the better! Keep calling folks.


ASKED QUESTIONS red lettering FAQs. It will tell you the correct disposition, documentation of each phone call. The data generated is relied upon, so document correctly. In other words, a hang up is not a do not call. I would even question whether if a male answers & you're calling for a female if he says don't call again, you should put do not call or unavailable, since it wasn't her that said it. Don't guess the disposition of each call, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS/ FAQS! I don't know that its necessary to ask for each person by their 1st & last name. It helps to be cheerful & sound like an intelligent person, the voter could base their decision on that phone call alone, if you complete it, get to the end. There is also a link to this on the far right of this screen, --->, red & blue lettering, box. If you have an extra computer at your home, why don't you offer to have someone else come over & do this w/ you, there are those without computer accessibility to this that shouldn't not do it. Don't think this is unimportant work, that someone else is doing something more impt., this is real grassroots work, collecting votes 1 at a time.

For some reason, we're expected to know every law that exists in America & in our state so we don't break it. We're supposed to know this when we're 18. There's no litmus test for them, as in the 10 commandments or rhyme or reason. C.U.R.E.

"Do Not Call" entry

is used only when the person you are trying to contact asks for himself to be placed on the 'do not call' list. That's the only time you do it.

If an unidentified person answers the phone:
-and curses you out
-or hangs up on you
-or says put me on the 'do not call' list,

Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks for the clarification.

Jessie Clyde

thanks for clarifying that

thanks for clarifying that.

Keep Posting This

I've already made over 1300 calls parttime since mid November. Just in the last week though, I have gotten more no pick ups and voice mails in Iowa. I think people are tired of the calls from all the campaigns and have gotten savy to the caller ids, but either letting them ring thru or allowing voice mail to pick up. NH is still picking up more steadily though. But the lines to NH are filled, so I keep being linked to Iowa.

I do on occassion get people who have not been contacted and will do a full survey. However, last week was right before Christmas, so I figure many have left on vacation to visit family, so they should be back by now.


I wish Michael would put a little Phone icon at the top.. This phone campaign is just as important as the Supervoter brochures.

Call people!


me too. There's a blank space to the left of the "D" in Daily that is mmuch too naked!

Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com

reedr3v's picture

good point


'phone from home is a snap, folks

The technology is quite sophisticated & easy to use. Most calls go unanswered or go to voice mail. The technology does it all for you until you get a live man or woman at which point you simply read your script whilst smiling.

Here we always end with wishing the person a pleasant rest of their evening after identifying who paid for the call and they seem to warmly respond to that.

Be prepared for the few who are fed up with being polled and snarl a bit. It isn't personal.

Phil. 4:13

Just spent a half an hour on

Just spent a half an hour on the phone and got one person to actually make it through the survey. It's a lot of endless ringing and voicemail. I wish there was a way to connect with more people!