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Whats it like being Republican?

It feels no different than you already feel, yet its an accomplishment. You have accomplished either changing parties or filling out your voter registration card as Republican. Its a matter of making effort, to check the Republican box on the registration card & being willing to have a ballot in front of you with different names. Being a Republican is about being eligible to have a Republican ballot in the Primary. So, its about taking the 5 extra minutes, or however long, maybe using a postage stamp & changing your registration or going in person to do it. Its about checking 1 box versus the other, you tell me how it feels to check a box, home phone or cell phone, for instance, call before or after 5 for instance. You can feel like it feels like to be a Republican by doing nothing more than switching parties, cause thats what it takes. Being Republican changes nothing about you, doesn't change what you look like, what your phone # is, where you live, how you act, what your profession or religion is, it just changes your voter status. Being Republican isn't a mindset, its a box you check, a ballot your eligible to have, nothing more.
Therefore, there are no qualifications to meet before voting for Ron Paul. Feel better now? The media is confusing how someone behaves with how they're registered to vote.

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I'd title it "registering as" instead of "being"

to reinforce the point.

didn't even read your post, BUT...

...it feels like NOTHING. Only reason have been registered that way for 5 or 6 years is to vote for Ron Paul in my "closed primary" State.

(Oh, and it's kind of fun to stuff lots of Ron Paul issue-cards into those return-postage-paid "survey" envelopes they send me!!)

Good answer!

Good answer!