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Boston Herald official endorsement goes to ...


Read the reader comments....enough to make you throw up and then be really depressed to realize that there are still so many people caught up in the team game (elephants vs. donkeys) mentality.

The editors call their pick, the candidate with the most integrity. We truly live in 1984.

If you have time, leave educational comments to at least try to slow the mental bleeding.

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Ignore the comments. Only

Ignore the comments. Only those who are registered would be commenting and those who are registered are likely subscribers (Actually pay money) to a dinosaur establishment paper and cannot seek out independent thought on their own.
Go to Reddit where there are thousands of comments on articles compared to 30 something on this Boston Herald article. The majority of these are probably read by 55+ snowbirds in Boca who are being trendy with their new iPads and have never even heard of the Drudge report. The future is independent media.


Thanks. Doing so now..but we

Thanks. Doing so now..but we all know they could not care less. Big bucks from the Romney campaign going for Print Ads we can assume.

Yea I knew it was just an

Yea I knew it was just an empty gesture but that's all we got with the Boston Herald. Who knows, maybe we can plant a seed of doubt in their precious, rigged system?

Yea the nation needs Romney.

Yea the nation needs Romney. The nation needs another completely empty suit who apparently doesn't have a single belief or principle other than to get elected and once in office do as his "experts" tell him. Experts of course meaning the military the CIA, the pharmaceutical, insurance and oil lobbies.

If Americans are too stupid to vote for Ron Paul then we'll get what we deserve. A continuation of police state at home and empire abroad. More QE's, a devalued currency and a major depression before Romney's 4 years are up, at which time we'll all switch from team coke back to team pepsi and the whole farce begins again. if there are any of us left not in federal custody.

Loved your post about the

Loved your post about the experts. Are voters REALLY so dumb? Gachhhh.

Unfortunately...yea, a lot of

Unfortunately...yea, a lot of them are. Maybe the majority.