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Ron Paul Senior Adviser will be on live CNBC 7:15Pm ET

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My response to Kudlow.

Kudlow, this IS NOT working! Have you seen the number of Black Males making videos on YouTube DEFENDING Ron Paul.
Congress committed TREASON last week, giving the President the power to murder, torture or PERMANENTLY imprison citizens of the United States without due process and you are focusing on "dirty tricks" committed TWENTY YEARS ago?
What is WRONG with you?

This Was A Deliberate Attack on Ron Paul to Stop Him from Win-

ing Iowa. It made me sick to hear Kudlow go on and on about the newsletters, etc. I totally disrespect him and believe that it is all an act. This is the only thing they have on Ron Paul and they will not let it die. I do not believe there is anything Ron Paul or the campaign can say to stop the mass media which is controlled by the 1%. They will do anything to stop him from winning. Well hell are they ever in for a surprise. I no longer have any respect for this Kudlow guy. I will have to add him to my list of other talking heads that I will no longer listen to. Michael Medvid is another one who was talking about Ron Paul today and said that he is lying about writing those newsletters and he should just admit it. Two Ron Paul people called in to defend Ron but Medvid just continue to talk negative about Ron and said he was supporting Romney.


Thanks for posting.

I really wanted to watch, but was severely disappointed. When are they going to let this racism crap go? Probably never. But the talking head keep saying "Why won't Paul disavow this stuff" when that is all he has done.

"Will Paul get out from under?" ask the talking heads. But he is continuing to climb in polls, so that should be an indication that the newsletters have not harmed the campaign.

thank you!


I didn't see it on CNBC

If anyone has a YouTube link, please send over. I'm interested in checking this out (and hopefully setting people straight in the comments section).

what he said.

thanks Kevink - beat me to it!

Heh, We're All A Team

If the media manipulates Dr. Paul's message (or blacks us out) then the comments section is where we'll defend Dr. Paul!

"Racist neo-nazi

"Racist neo-nazi libertarians."

That's oxymoronic!

I can not believe how desperate the old media is getting...Kudlow did his best to act as if the newsletters are new.

Holy media crap, close your legs Kudlow!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Where did you watch it?

Where did you watch it?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

CNBC, cable...please forgive

CNBC, cable...please forgive me for watching television! I have since turned it off.

Kudlow was very animated, and seemed to be treating the newsletter nonsense like it was some big story...but the other pundits were somewhat lukewarm.

Kudlow asked if this story matters one week before Iowa? One panelist said no...Kudlow was the only one with his panties in a bunch over the newsletters. He actually read quotes from the newsletters and made it sound like Ron Paul was the one who wrote it.

I really liked Doug Weed's response, because he was anything but defensive over the issue....he stuck to the economy and that is what voters want to hear right now. Well played, Doug.

After seeing the interview, I first thought to myself, "Why didn't Doug mention how Ron Paul is the only candidate who wants to end the racist war on drugs?"

He didn't make reference to it because he doesn't have to. Let the record speak for itself so to speak, but at the same time...don't whistle to the old media's tune...don't get caught up in their trap.

The only reason why the old media wants, "more of an answer," about the newsletter question is to get Ron Paul off track.

Doug Weed did a fantastic job of, "keeping the focus."

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Cont...That being said, the

Cont...That being said, the segment was a total hatchet job on Ron Paul. But it was way too over the top...

CNBC basically did their best to make it seem like libertarians are just like neo-nazis....it was bad.

It was so bad you could smell it...dirty, rotten egg sulpher smell...

This just kind of dawned upon me....Doug Weed did an absolutely marvelous job handling this hit piece from hell.

Considering what was thrown at him, his performance was remarkable. I'd call this an inside the park home run for Doug Weed and the Ron Paul Campaign.

Kudlow and his old media pals just attempted to throw a major poop bomb at the Paul Campaign. You can tell that it backfired when Kudlow started to whine about it, acting like a child who didn't get his cookie and crapped his pants in defiance.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Link Sucks

Link Sucks

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

Chris Matthews

makes me want to puke. Wow!

Not sure why its not on.. it

Not sure why its not on.. it was tweeted by the campaign for 7:15PM..


If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

not supported by my phone...

Let me know how it goes

Thanks for the heads up

Thanks for the heads up Brian. Amazing only Kudlow who seems moderately Paul friendly is the only one having an advisor on. All morning I was subjected to Mitt advisors on the other Dino media channels.

You're welcome. It should

You're welcome. It should start in about 5 minutes...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Yep Thanks Again!

I'll be watching.