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Nick gillespie on c-span stumping for paul in his own ways

take from it what you will.. i think it's decent.


initially i thought it wasn't wise to go over the newsletter issue extensively, but then he mixed it up and reminded people of positive things about paul constantly, and i came to see what he was doing--he was diluting the negative impression the newsletter may carry with the positive things paul represents.

it's probably something only doable in a verbal conversation but not a written one.. but it's one of the smarter strategies in ways of "taking the issue head on" as some have suggested

i think the problems with some of these LP arm chairs have been the low level people all along.. some of their activists like gillespie and welch are ok. can't say as much about boaz.

and the anchor woman seemed to dig nick.. gotta say libertarians do have their ways with women.. like peter schiff and john stossel.. credit where credit is due

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Nice. I like Gillespie. I'm

Nice. I like Gillespie. I'm currently reading his and Welch's new book.

it's good that some older libertarians are beginning to see the

need for unity if they want to achieve anything of value, although i have all but given up on the libertarian label over the arm chairing division.

Given the inherent ideals of

Given the inherent ideals of individualism (i.e. autonomy and sovereignty) that libertarians espouse, it's no surprise that it has taken so long to form any effective "collective" movement.