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Wow...I Will Never Watch The Young Turks Again

The host, after the commercial break...its 7:12 now... will be interviewing the leader of a racist group....and why that leader supports Ron Paul.

Never again.

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I thought this was far fairer than CNN

Cenk remains decent. He left MSNBC over corruption and censorship.

He made a very valid point at the end. He isn't ignoring the issue, but doesn't seem to be slandering Ron Paul either. He is acting as a journalist should, having both sides on, being clear that Don supporting Ron doesn't mean Ron supports Don, and that even he (Cenk) agrees with Don on some issues, perhaps for different reasons, but agrees none-the-less.

I think racism is still very much an issue, but it is getting better. This interview, in my opinion, is how we must address it. We must attack the idea not the person, we mustn't use a person's views on race or sexual orientation (just as we should not use a person's race or sexual orientation) to discredit their other views, or to dehumanize them, as that is what they are doing that we disagree with.

You do not fight terrorism by becoming a terrorist.

You do not fight bigotry by becoming a bigot.

It is a hard thing to sit and listen to a racist comment and not go into emotional attack mode. I think racists have backed off as much as we can expect, the next step is for non-racists (I'm white, and far from racist, I have black friends, lived in Mexico, spent time in Asia, date "outside my race") to be confident in our stance, and not let racist comments send us off the deep end, or cloud our judgment.

Cenk did just that (save a couple light jabs), and I respect him for that.

If it were easy, it wouldn't be a challenge.

Jack Wagner

Good video?

Ive seen a couple of videos from this guy and have found that he is pretty fair. I watched the whole thing and thought he was once again coming to Pauls defense.

this is nothing to worry about.

if anything, it tends to make the 'ron paul is a racist' accusation look NOT valid. i think that was the young jerk's conclusion too. we can always point out that there is not one single witness claiming to have ever heard dr. paul verbally say anything that was the least bit racist.


This was a good interview!

Oh yeah they had a "White Supremists" on but listen to what this old man said "He wants to stop the wars" over and over and then at the end Cynk was agreeing with this old man and pointing out that they could all agree on something, but not support their postions on others. I thought it was great.

Hey if he gets support from a muslim - does that make him Al-Quada?

Most of you people need to

Most of you people need to watch this to the end and see that all that is being portrayed here is that Ron brings together all walks of life due to his message of freedom and because Don likes Ron doesn't mean Ron is racist...!

I actually thought the segment wasn't that bad...

It illustrated great why groups like them can support Ron Paul while showing that Ron Paul might not agree with everything all of those who support him believe.

Cenk is my Bill O'Reilly now!!

I can't understand how you can pretend to support Paul and yet back stab him also!! I remember you did a hit piece on Paul in 2008 about the racist stuff and now you want to do it again!! After being informed about his highly moral anti-racist character!!! Bad Call Cenq! Bad call!!!

He went

Bill O'reilly on Peter Schiff.

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Does anyone have a link to

Does anyone have a link to the video?

From some of the comments below from people who saw the video, it sounds like Cenk may have given a fair interview, or at least reiterated the areas that he agrees with Paul at the end.

Just a few days ago Cenk gave a nice plug for Ron Paul, accurately representing his views and stating where he agreed with Paul and where he disagreed. I'm not yet convinced it is time to completely write him off.

EDIT: nevermind, found the link below.

Epic Fail

Cenk completely fails to connect Ron Paul with this white supremacist which was clearly his goal and in doing so gives a white supremacist a microphone to spew his hatred on his own show!!!
This is so ridiculously stupid and (like the original poster said)laughable! Cenk has proven to world how ignorant he really is!

Also I would like to point out the video he showed of Dr. Paul talking about the news letter does not prove anything except that Dr. Paul knew he had a news letter. RP has never denied knowing he had a news letter.. He has denied knowledge that during the news letter's 10 year run, their were a couple racist articles in it! This whole program fails to meet any of Cenk's goals! Cenk, put you cone hat back on and go to the corner.

Cenk wasn't trying to connect

Cenk wasn't trying to connect Don to Ron and if anything Cenk was trying to show that Don doesn't believe Ron is racist nor did he write that stuff in the news letters and why Don believes this...

This could be good for Ron...!

Did We Watch The Same Video?

Did We Watch The Same Video?

OMG! A White separatist who's antiwar, non-interventionist,

and anti-drug war, and anti-war on terror!

stop the presses! Wow, guess since Cenk is attempting guilt-by-associations, by his asinine 'logic,' he too, along with all other anitwar liberals, must now be white separatists like Don Black, too!

Odd how the only man in history to be able to form an unwitting coalition between a liberal and a white separatist on neutral principles of freedom, is Ron Paul!

I mean who else can bring Don Black and Cenk Uygur together?


Truly the sole "Uniter!"

Gee now I'm in a bind... respect a peaceful non-interventionist, anti-war, anti-drugwar, race separatist or a rabidly murderous bloodthirsty neocon who want to bomb every country on the Atlas?

choices, choices!

You know, frankly given the option, collectivist statists would rather be a neocon than a separatist. such is the craziness of our political pigsty. thus 'racist' label is a death knell, while murderer/war policy designers are somehow noble and 'elite' and house-broken enough to be acceptable at expensive Hamptons parties.

Hate to say it, but frankly the interview truly revealed who the real bigot was: it was Cenk, not Don Black of the self-proclaimed white separatist of Storm Front.

how crazy is that?

oh by the way you want to know how crazy it all is? In yesterday's NYT expose titled "Ron Paul disowns extremists, but doesn't disavow the support," aka guilt-by-association phase, since attacking the genteel Doc directly is proving fruitless and no one who's ever met him believe that, nor do the MSM whores themselves, they hyperlinked even StormFront's own website, but NOT RonPaul2012.com! Do you believe that??


So the NYT would rather have you visit the white separatists website than have you discover Ron Paul 2012 campaign! My God! This is just getting so over the top ridiculous!!!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

the name

doesnt seem proper for a supremacist - Don "Black" ?

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Great video, actually

The take away after the interview was this: "Look, I agree with this racist dude on ending the wars, does that make me a racist? No. We just agree, and some subjects bring strange people together."

It was a very real example of debunking the guilt by association fallacy.

Cenk is fine, especially given that he's trying to be fair to all sides.

I think you are wrong. Cenk

I think you are wrong. Cenk did Ron a solid with this video.

hmm, I see your argument,

but I'm more inclined to believe that Cenk's viewers would think it otherwise, as liberals are frankly looking for an excuse NOT to support Dr. Paul, so they don't feel guilty that they agree with a 'rabid free market rightwinger' about antiwar & antidrugwar positions.

sounds odd, but I've met a few.

Just watch Cenk's panel segment of TheYougTurks with the ever economically imbecilic Adele Stan of AlterNet.com invited to malign RP newsletters, as she fumbled cluelessly as to why it is that Dr.Paul's policy would be a "dictatorship" and "gift to corporations" mixed in with lots of "um..." "ahh..." followed by "racist!" "social darwinian!" and other typical commie invectives thrown at someone when one lacks any intellectual or philosophic underpinnings to intelligently argue their case.

On neutral grounds, I've NEVER seen a libertarian lose an argument against any neolib or neocon. the opposition will always, without fail, be relegated into kindergarten name-calling, coupled with anti-semite this, anti-Israel that, Isolationist this, Isolationist that, crank, crazy, blah, blah, blah. the usual.

oh lawd have mercy!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

I have not seen the panel you

I have not seen the panel you mentioned. I don't think too many people outside the political junkie class have even heard of the young turks. lol

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never again...

for me, too

jake younger and the young jerks can take their money and run now


its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


Just Remember

Freedom Brings People Together

Even people we don't agree with

So, Cenk, the "Young Jerk" strikes again...

The "guilt by association" attack continues to backfire on the MSM. Embrace it.

that guy was douche in my

that guy was douche in my book from the 1st second I saw him.

no longer a fan of Cenk's

Yesterday I was excited to randomly catch his show on Current TV. I've always liked Cenk even when he was against RP's policies. I thought the good outweighed the bad.

But wow am I saddened. He had this segment on about Gays and Ron Paul with 3 other people who just bashed RP relentlessly over some rumor or gossip.

I thought Cenk was smarter than this?

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

"I thought Cenk was smarter than this?"

- I think Cenk is too busy counting Al Gore's Occidental Petroleum derived dollars than be bothered worrying about his drastic loss in credibility, along with his perceived intelligence.

hey, who knows? wouldn't it be funny if he gets fed up with Gore's CurrentTV too, just like his previous stint at MSNBC, when he finally decides to face his own voice of conscience and decides he cannot vote for 4 more yrs of oBOMBa, and publicly endorses Dr.Paul?

LOL. yeah, that'd be the day. still, wouldn't say no, if he did.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

i don't have a problem with this

and i'm excited to watch the interview.

I can see people from all different walks of life who support RP with various areas of agreement... but that in turn does not mean RP supports EVERYTHING about that group.

TYT is just trying to defame RP by association, and this is OLD AND TIRED. This is the nonsense most Americans are completely sick and tired of, so as long as pundits rely on these TACTICS, the more people come over to our side.

White Nationalist Responses:

Picked a few Q&A's............

Host: Are you disappointed that Ron Paul that Paul isn't a white nationalist?

Guest: Well, it is what it is....he's clearly not a white nationalist.....he does not have the same world view we do....but we agree with him on the stands on the issues that coincide with ours................we agree with him on illegal immigration and on ending all the wars.........

Host: What made you a fan of Ron Paul? What was about him that attracted him to you?

Guest: His stands on the issues coincide with ours....I knew about the newsletters when they were being printed...I was under the impression Ron Paul wrote them....I'm know convinced that he did not write them....and they dont reflect his views....some of the quotes being pulled out are being taken a little out of context..........his hearfelt positions on the issues coincide with ours....he opposes illegal immigration.......secure the borders...he wants to get us out of these wars....he is the only candidate....the only candidate.....who wants to do that...republican or democrat....Obama is as big of a neocon as the republican candidates......

You get the idea......


sounds good to me.

i'm glad the guest didn't take the bait and just stuck to the points where he agreed with Ron Paul. Very Good!!!

um doesn't sound much like a racist at all

or nationalist, w/e