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Google search Ron Paul (racist quote at top of page)

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Just to document this

Here is a screenshot showing that a quote from one of the newsletters comes up at the top when you search for Ron Paul on Google News. It is in quotation marks and attributed to Ron.


As you can also see in that screenshot, if you search for Newt Gingrich, you conveniently get:

"I think Ron Paul's views are totally outside the mainstream of virtually every decent American"

Good news

It's now been replaced with

"Everybody knows I didn't write them and they're not my sentiments, so it's sort of politics as usual" - Ron Paul

Somebody tell the campaign...

... that Ron Paul needs to issue a press release: "I apparently made a mistake by not censoring free speech, but I have asked God's forgiveness."

Newt did that and all went away. If voters can deal with Newt infidelity, why not Paul's "editorial" oversight?

It's not rocket science. As matters stand now, the media keeps saying he needs to explain himself. I'm irked.

Plano TX

We need another twitter/facebook bomb!


It is because of all the news stories.

When they use those words in one of there stories they put it in "quotes" as if they are quoting Ron. Since so many articles are using those quotes it gets put at the top of the page. This has been going on for at least a week now. I have seen several of the worst quotes they peddle from the newsletters at the top of google news when you search ron paul.

Thank you

I've been looking for a logical explanation for this. I have also been seeing them for a wile and figured I'd find an answer here.

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It's the algorithm that

It's the algorithm that Google uses. Its not coming from any bias or slander.

Not on Google's part

I agree. But I think it may be showing up because the authors of the various articles are quoting the words as Paul's and not to the newsletter or an unidentified person. I could be wrong as I am not entirely sure how the algorithms work.

People clicking on it!! What

People clicking on it!! What you think?

OK, that is ridiculous!

I'm glad you posted this... WTH indeed. I'm not a lawyer, but isn't this dipping into slander at this point? Aren't quotes supposed to be something you've said? I just don't understand how they get away with it.

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I hope the campaign can do something

to offset this.

The best defense

is a good offense. The best thing the campaign can do is continue waking people up to the truth. That's our job, too.

Then more people will see through the media (including Google, one of the greatest censorship/spy/propaganda tools ever devised) and it will continue to accelerate its downward spiral.