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Where's Our Pundits!?

Why doesnt the Ron Paul campaign have some pundits out correcting the record on CNN, Foxnews and MSNBC? Why don't they have Jack Hunter, Tom Woods, Doug Weed and more out there pontificating like the others have? This is a huge problem for us. These lies, just regularly calling Paul a racist, is just sitting out there without any sort of rebuttal.

I don't understand this.. where is the campaign?

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Somebody tell the campaign...

... that Ron Paul needs to issue a press release: "I apparently made a mistake by not censoring free speech, but I have asked God's forgiveness."

Newt did that and all went away. If voters can deal with Newt infidelity, why not Paul's "editorial" oversight?

It's not rocket science. As matters stand now, the media keeps saying he needs to explain himself. I'm irked.

Plano TX

Probably not invited. It

Probably not invited. It would confuse the message being sent by the parties and the media.

“Wasting a vote is sometimes voting for somebody that you don't really believe in."
-Ron Paul