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Sanctions of Death

Watch this and tell me our foreign policy doesn't make people hate our government.


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This is a HUGE issue and one

This is a HUGE issue and one that hardly ever gets explored in the media. My own opinion is that sanctions never work. Maybe I'm wrong but as far as I know all they have ever done is strengthen the dictator. They kept Castro in power and hurt the Cuban people for decades. They had not even the slightest effect at getting Saddam Hussein to step down and only hurt the common people in Iraq. if they actually worked we wouldn't have had any excuse to go to war with Iraq. Currently we are seeing in North Korea the funeral of a 17 year dictator who was only strengthened by US economic sanctions, again the common people were the ones that got hurt, starved by the millions.

The former president of South Korea, and nobel pece prize winner Kim Dae Jung agreed with that assessment and argued that all sanctions ever do is strengthen the regime.

Maybe there is another side to it. Maybe there is a legitimate argument for sanctions so I'm willing to be open minded about it but at this point I feel like the whole concept of sanctions needs to be seriously questioned. It makes us the world's arbitor of who can and can't be in power and seems to hurt far more than it helps.

And maybe, just maybe someday the world is going to put sanctions on us.