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Getting to Know Junk Silver (by ArticlesObsessed.com)

1. Nothing can be done properly without some degree of knowledge. Going in blind will mean the possibility of buying the wrong type of silver coins, or wavering over whether or not to buy junk silver coins. Someone could come and snatch up the silver coins if you show indecisiveness, and that would mean a lost opportunity for you. To help you out, look for silver coins minted prior to 1965, as they contain 90% silver and are good options. Some examples are Franklin half dollars, Walking Liberty half dollars, Barber head quarters, and Mercury dimes. If you concentrate on these silver coins, you’ll have an easier time focusing on a long-term plan instead of getting caught up with too many details.

2. Practice calculating the value of silver coins. The formula is simple. All you have to do is multiply silver content by the spot price. For instance, with 1964 Kennedy half dollars, you can multiply the silver content, which is 0.36169 by the spot price of silver at the time. Assuming a spot price of $40 an ounce, this coin is worth $14.47. Practice makes perfect, but before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to calculating accurate silver prices for your junk silver coins.

3. You’ll also notice once you start making the rounds that prices for the junk silver coin are commonly based on a multiple of the face value of the coin. Confused? At first, it can be difficult, but here’s an example: if a silver dime is selling at a face value of 30, you would multiply the face value of the dime (.10) by 30 to arrive at $3.00. One tip would be to ask the coin dealer to explain how he calculates his rate. If he has nothing to hide, he will explain it without hesitation.

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