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The Bible & Ron Paul video series! Helpful resource for Christians on the fence about Paul.

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Good overview

I agree with pretty much 99% of what he says in the series. There are some topics that could be looked at from a different perspective, but I think anyone who views these videos with an open mind could at least come to a respectful understanding of Dr. Paul's positions.



extremely well done

This needs to go viral in Iowa

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


I'm wondering why no one else

I'm wondering why no one else has commented on this yet. This series is awesome and excellently put together, and I think it has the potential to go viral among Christian conservatives and evangelicals if forwarded enough to the right people. It's very detailed as well, and I think this would be an excellent tool to help persuade more Christians over to Paul's side, especially those who get hung up on Paul's stances on Israel and his social views.

The original post didn't go into it, but the series covers the following topics:
The Role of Civil Government
State's Rights
Private Property
Economics and Sound Money
Defense and Foreign Policy
Intervention and Islamic Terrorism
Israel and Foreign Aid
Discrimination and Racism

front page!!!!!!!!!!!!

why won't DP put this on the front page? Tom Woods even linked to it on his website! what gives?