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Cenk Young Turks now DEFENDS Ron Paul - Video

Is he beginning to wake the hell up???

Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7M9eYHjCKQ

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Cenk is the liberal version of Glenn Beck

He reinforces the false Left/Right paradigm while mixing in just enough truth to seem believable. Mixing good information with bad perhaps to create more confusion or he's just too dumb to tell the difference.

Cenk is totally a player kind of guy!!!

No credibility and definitely untrustworthy!!

He reminds me of a traitor with his strong and extreme right and left views of RP!

Don't trust the guy!

Let him fade away!!

back back back baaaack track

he just trying to save face from a comical interview that was a complete failure.

I like how he noted the feedback he received. Thats good.

This video looks like a confession. Lol. Anyway, its good he made note to the honest truth but he should have been more clear by explaining the documented statistics about how the WOD has affected minorities... and why Dr Paul stresses the importance of using pardon the non-violent drug convictions. RP rarely discusses circumstances for use of executive powers so when he does its worth reporting. Its usually a very principled point. Wouldn't that along with statistics be a good use of his journalistic time when trying to understand/explain a canidate?

He also could have referenced what the people from the community that knew him said about him. Hopefully he can be more insightful and professional before putting together his future segments.

CENK is one of the good progressives

He probably won't vote for Ron nor will his friends. But still. He seems to be the most honest ones even though he works for Al Gore now. Even if Ron Paul does not win this year, I sure do hope people wake up and realize there is reality outside their TVs and radios.


HE'S firmly for Ron Paul. He's using subtle arguments to defend Ron and it seems its going over some peoples heads. By showing that he and Don Black can agree on policy YET that Don Black doesn't believe Ron Paul wrote the newsletters illustrates that he's trying to win people over. He had the video of Ron Paul defneding blacks in the 80's for a reason...TO SHOW THAT RON PAUL ISNT A RACIST. He's deconstructing the "Ron Paul is racist" meme with counterintutitve examples illustrating that he's in fact NOT racist. Please start showing TYT some love.

No he's uses subtle

No he's uses subtle inflammatory references to Ron Paul to make money off of Ron Paul. In many ways he could have published those newsletters! He knows that he will attract attention to his show if he mentions Ron Paul's name but at the same time must bow down to his goldmen sachs masters. He's playing middle of the road but leaning into oncoming traffic. He is part of the media conspiracy to collude together to bury Paul. The dumb jerks just made a new enemy.

I dont think so. Did you

I dont think so. Did you watch the last few videos? HE was touting the same Ron Paul is a racist nonsense that the left have been touting for the last 2 weeks.. He is slowly changing his tone, thank god... but to call him a supporter? I doubt it..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Can't touch this! You mess

Can't touch this!

You mess with Ron Paul the universe will burn you.

Now tell me how Jesus is a myth.

Not only are people going to get an education about the Constitution, they're going to find out how the power of the spirit of God "Our Creator", is real in the life of a righteous man.

"Ron Paul: Gay Controversy?"

"The Young Turks with: More Ron Paul problems for progressives"

That's from yesterday. Outrageous.

I'm okay with Cenk disagreeing on domestic issues but this was way out of line. That's the official video title from Current's YouTube page. Watch how petty Cenk becomes.

Ron is the only pro-gay candidate. The rest want to reinstate DADT and believe God says gays are evil.

Cenk needs to apologize more. I was involved in Air America & Current TV back in 2003/2004. We didn't want a liberal version of Rush Limbaugh in the media, we wanted fairness and new perspectives.

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I haven't watched this new

I haven't watched this new video, but he's going back and forth. He's released some pretty biased videos on other subjects.

I honestly don't know what to think of this guy. TYT has not contacted me, and I've tried a ridiculous number of times.



Some repent when they see the light

others when they feel the heat.


really really like this comment you just said VR

very well said

Cenk is a potential ally

A lot of you guys get frustrated when you realize that Cenk is (despite his respect for the good doctor) still a liberal who (like all libs) doesn't have much understanding of free market economics.
He may not be adam kokesh, but trust me, we want to build bridges with guys like Cenk. We wont win by damning him when he goes against our grain, we have to understand that this is not the type of guy who will turn libertarian over night, but we can still make use of his help.
The Young Turks is huge internet show with a shit load of viewers - I'm not saying we have to kiss this guys ass but it is definitely within our movements interest to be more diplomatic with this potential ally.
Give this guy his due respect - he's no Bill O Reilly or Ed Schultz. As far as honest journalism goes, i'd put Cenk around the Jon Stewart league.

I like Cenk too

And I agree, we should compromise. But damn that clip I posted above was shocking and absolutely wrong.

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reedr3v's picture

No. I haven't seen Stewart stack the deck

against RP on purpose, as Cenk did in his recent interview of an avowed racist who labels himself a Paul supporter. Cenk is miles below Stewart in fairness. But good for you to be optimistic. I reserve judgement and hope for a pleasant awakening by Cenk.

Cenk is playing CYA.

He is probably already receiving blowback for yesterday's program.


Man, Cenk is trying to walk the tightrope like so many others.

That is intellectual cowardice, not strength.

Sure, by comparison we could say he gives a fairer shake than most mainstream media personalities.

But is that a compliment? Really? It's like saying "Well sure, he stabbed us, but at least he stabbed us slowly and then offered to put a bandaid on after."

Still stabbed us. He should have bothered himself to gather facts BEFORE attacking with the vitriol we saw in his previous episode. This is just patchwork after the fact.

I have not seen a single clip

in which liberal MSM clarifies when bringing up 1990's CSPAN clips that are now going around posing as IF they caught RP doing something evil, when anytime the Doc is asked about the newsletters now, he answers in context of answering a question about the questionable passages.

Cenk keeps doing the same thing, too, telling his viewers as if Doc's been caught "lying" as proved by mid-90's CSPAN clip where he openly talks about the investment portion of the newsletters.

hell these idiots act like it's 'new' when our fellow R3VOL youtube.com/user/RonPaulClassics been dutifully archiving huge volume of classic Ron Paul speeches off the same CSPAN archives, for years!

yet, lately post CNN's Cholera Booger's non-walk-out-'storm'-out, they keep playing the portion where the Doc clearly is answering 'no I never read THAT stuff, nor wrote them,' "THAT stuff" referring to the objectionable passages, and some kid finds not so secret CSPAN interviews from late 1980's and early 1990's of him talking about it, as IF to say 'see he knew he about them, see he mentioned them, see he talked about them.'

well, duh! he NEVER denied not owning them or later finding out about them!

the real story that is missing from all this quoting is:

1. original writers aren't talking
2. MSM is regurgitating opinions & anecdotes & hearsay from the likes of Eric Duh-dero as if fact
3. never compared Dr. Paul's actual writings & speeches for content & style comparison, when he is possibly one of the most archived Congressmen in modern history!

then again, expecting MSM to actually practice journalism would be akin to waiting on unicorns.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

I think he seems surprised

I think he seems surprised himself. I adored the way he corrected himself at the end. He said Ron turns..then that did not sound right, so he changed it. As someone said today, they truly ALL know (tho Cenk maybe just found out) Ron is not a racist. At all.

I so agree

I so agree

juan maldonado

Was this on the show? Or just

Was this on the show? Or just for the internet?

It's the show. It just gets

It's the show. It just gets posted to the web too..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I DVR'd it & just fastforward

I DVR'd it & just fastforward through it, I can not find it. it's not there. This is just for the internet.

We'll see if cenk mentions

We'll see if cenk mentions this on the next turk show