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Kennedy of KFI-AM640 Los Angeles Rooting for Ron Paul Win in Iowa

Glad to hear Kennedy tonight rooting for a Ron Paul win and mentions it...twice at different segments of her program.

She also said that she's "not surprised" that RP will win Iowa, talks about Vince Vaugh's support for RP (1st time I've heard Vince mentioned on radio) and interviews one certain libertarian author and plugs in his book (forgot his name)...

A registered Republican with libertarian leanings, she a DJ host for modern rock KYSR 98.7FM in mornings, but pitches in on some nights (like tonight) for neo-cons John & Ken at sister station KFIAM640 (both owned by Bain's Clear Channel).

She was even interviewed by the good Judge Nap on Freedom Watch sometime in 2010 and discussed her libertarian leanings...this lady is solid on OUR SIDE.


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John & Ken

After their show the other day when those two little unfunny nonintersting creepy riff raff twits were bashing Ron Paul I deleted KFI 640 from my presets and will never listen to that radio station again but am very happy to hear Ms. Kennedy has the ovaries to show her support for Ron Paul. I'd love to see her get their time slot since they have nothing to offer but yelling and name calling.

Maybe she should be nominated for Mayor?


She certainly would be a nice change

from the current mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio (welfare for illegal immigrants) Villaraigosa. Walter Moore who lost to Villaraigosa in the last mayoral race is a big Ron Paul supporter.