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Converted a Green Party voter today with the Peace Message

I have a good friend in California who has never voted for a Republican in her entire life, as far as I know. I think four years ago she voted for the Natural Law Party candidate, or possibly the Green Party guy (I can't remember).

We were talking about New Year's Eve and I mentioned that I was planning to travel to Iowa to speak on behalf of my candidate at the Caucuses, and she asked who my guy was. Her comment--"it's not Gingrich, for God's sake?" I assured her that I would only vote for Ron Paul, so we launched into a 20 minute discussion during which she said that she didn't know anything about him, but if he wanted to bring home the troops and give peace and diplomacy a chance, she would vote for him. She said Obama has been a disaster, Gingrich and Romney are owned, and she had given up finding someone with character who wasn't already bought and paid for by the unions or the banks or the defense contractors.

She's not a political person, and only pays attention after the nominating process is over. But I have her convinced to vote for Ron Paul in the general. Now I have to get her to register as a Republican so she can vote in the Primary.

The key with approaching a non-political person like this is to MEET THEM WHERE THEY ARE. Don't judge them and berate them based on where they "should" be. And start with the common ground.

Get agreement that "yes, we should bring home the troops" or "yes, it's wrong to assassinate Americans" or whatever, and once you get agreement on one thing, move on to another issue where you think you have common ground. Stack up the areas of agreement like well-seasoned logs in a fireplace.

Then just keep adding logs to the fire until it's self-sustaining.

When eventually you get to that issue on which they don't agree with Ron Paul, it will pale in comparison to that brightly-burning, warm and cozy fire you have built, and you won't be able to smother the flames with just one item.

And do this with LOVE and KINDNESS. People want to feel loved and they want to feel as though they belong.

I told her I would send her a couple of videos to watch (I picked the Jay Leno appearance and the foreign policy video) and told her that if she wanted to do some Googling of her own, to be prepared to find a lot of ugliness from a smear campaign that is going on now. She asked me, "Does Ron Paul come from a place of love?" and I assured her that he did. "Well, you know, some people just don't know anything except hate. They project their hate onto others and see in other people what they're suffering from themselves. They project their issues onto their rivals. Whatever name they're calling you is what they are themselves. I can see through that kind of thing."

I think the whole LSM smear campaign is backfiring in a big, big way...the only thing it's doing is convincing people that the media is even more corrupt and untrustworthy than they thought.

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I wish I could go to Iowa

Thank you for going. It's sounds like you are the type of campaigner we need on our side. Good luck and have a great trip.

Terrific, and a bright tho

Terrific, and a bright tho tiny ray of love, on a dismal day..:) Keep it rocking. Some people forget about the love that is in our slogan..not u tho..kudos!