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"They Don't Hate Us Because We're Bombing Them"

I actually heard Mark Belling say this when he was sitting in for Rush Limbaugh today.

What planet is he from?

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religions can become as corrupt as . . .


True religion is found only within the heart of the believer as surely as true liberty is found within the heart of the individual.

Christianity, the movement and dogma, has been hijacked, but the original message and the real God continue to be.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

without trying to offend anyone

to me they are just both forms of control if you let them control you.

true . . .

I know several people (older than I) who are highly developed spiritually--

They got that way, in part, by dealing with the annoyances of organized religion. They moved 'beyond' organized religion but have maintained their involvement in it. It sounds dichotomous, but it has worked for these people.

Why are they there? To inspire those younger than they, and they do inspire.

Organized religion can be very bad and very good, according to each person. It tries those who are bad, and it tries those who are good, and it helps people who want to learn learn what they need to learn--

the same thing can be true of any institution, including, even, government--

even bad government can teach people things--

good government is the best, and it is seldom, if ever, seen in this world.

The same thing can be said for religion, of course, but I have met those who have, somehow, conquered the evil there and risen out and away from and above the evil--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

That's what I don't get about religion

If it's only true when it's in the heart, what is the need for an organized religion, anyway?

If God knows what's in my heart, why do I have to say anything about it, ever, to anyone? Moreover, what's the sense in widening the divisions between people who ought to be coming together, by adhering to sectarianism?

Mother Theresa said that she doesn't say anything to God, she just listens, and He just listens to her. I think that's true religion. What I don't get is, why all the Catholicism on top of that?

I vastly prefer simplicity and bare-bones spiritual attunement.

it's as much of a dichotomy as politics--

if true liberty only really lives in the individual's heart . . . why all the 'scrapping'?

Why the push to elect a particular person.

Somehow, *we* need people. Even the individual needs to be part of some sort of group (and I say that as I eschew collectivism)--

It is the same thing with religion; ultimately even the roughest individuals will seek out others who share their heart's beliefs.

I admit to both. My religion is very personal, but I am always on the lookout for those who believe as I do, and I admit that I am part of an organized religion for that reason.

Though I wonder how easy it will be for Dr. Paul (or anyone, even an entire crew of pro-constitutional, highly principled men and women) to deal with those who haven't wanted to think of the principles of liberty--

just as when *I* attend my church I struggle with those whose outward behavior shows that inwardly they don't "have religion", people who can be meaner than it is thought possible (yes, there are a few of those in every church)--

so why bother?

I don't know, but I do bother.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I've thought the same thing.

Then they'll say that the Golden Rule is naive, which RP can come back with "you're saying Jesus Christ, Lord of All Space and Time is naive??"

I agree, a catchphrase would help him out in the soundbyte world.

Look at the money we are saving them!

It is like "Flip That House" only "Flip That Nation" and the demolition crews went in and tore down that old, out of style nation they had and cleared the way to start on something FABULOUS. I see a nice mauve Capitol building over there, and perhaps some banners waving along a snappy little boulevard over here....
Sure, one or two whiners who don't see the BIG picture might complain. "Wah, they bombed my home, wah, they killed my baby." But those with a vision can see it, and THEY appreciate our help in this much needed renovation.
I mean, SAND?! Really, dahling, you HAVE to get with it.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

'cause we just loved it when WTC and Pentagon were attacked

Walter Williams is the only decent substitute host I've ever heard for Limbaugh.

Sad to say...

I just received an email from Spunky homeschooler (a well known blogger in the "conservative" homeschool community) who said she wouldn't be supporting Ron Paul. She quoted Ron Paul saying that they bomb us because we bomb them, and then without any other explanation said that she didn't want "that kind of thinking" in a president.

Maybe I'll post more on this later, but at the moment I'm, more or less speechless. That is, I can't come up with anything to say to her that would be useful.

My first thought was something like this:

I appreciate your response. I think it makes pretty clear why you couldn't explain your non-support of Ron Paul four years ago. You still are not saying exactly what you object to in "that kind of thinking," because it's probably too embarassing, but I think I get the picture. I have a very difficult time understanding why you wouldn't let "realistic and rational," or perhaps we could say "constitutional," thinking stand in the way of your headlong rush to destroy the future of your children and grandchildren (and mine), but I can see that you probably won't.

I do think you're right about the military support. It's not really the case that the majority of the military supports Ron Paul. It's just that Ron Paul is the only candidate who inspires individuals to donate their hard earned resources to support him. That is why it is true that he does get more monetary donations from the military than all the other GOP candidates---combined. I guess Ron Paul was right when he pointed out that it's difficult to get support from those who are on the government dole.


Maybe I should send it, but I can't really see it doing any good.

Christian homeschoolers have been aggressively targeted

for neocon propagandizing. Patreick Henry college, which particularly draws homeschoolers, is a virtual neocon government training camp. It shares a campus with the HSLDA. Tellingly, Tim LeHaye was a huge donor in the establishment of the college; LeHaye is also a founding meember of the Council for National Policy, a secretive organization that strives to control the Christian viewpoint.

As a general comment on your friend and the general state of affairs that her mentality reflects, I'll quote Glenn Greenwald, who wrote today:

Americans love to think that they are so very informed as a result of the robust, free press they enjoy, while those primitive, benighted Muslims are tragically manipulated and propagandized by their governments. Yet here we have an extraordinarily consequential “vast drone/killing operation,” and while those in the Muslim world are well aware of what it is and what it does and debate all of that openly and vigorously, Americans are largely kept in the dark about it. That’s because: (a) the U.S. Government shields it all in secrecy (hiding it from nobody except their own citizens); (b) the U.S. media generally avoid highlighting the innocent victims of American violence; and — most of all — (c) this is all now enshrined as bipartisan consensus, with the GOP consistently approving of any covert government aggression that kills foreigners, and Democrats remaining mute because it is their leader doing it.


I'd suggest she change her blog, then.

If her blog is about homeschooling, she ought to be focused on that issue and at least advise her readers who the candidate that supports that issue is. If she is just a fearmongered warlover, then she ought to start a blog called "I'm scared of people in caves half a world away, please send my children over there to kill them."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Oh, yeah!

And yours! I want your kids sent to Afghanistan or Syria or Iran, too.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


that is pure TRUTH...send it!!!

Do it

I'm linked to her and may have to send a message too!


Yes, Please do it!!

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche

right out of 1984

its called doublethink - the ability to have totally non-intuitive arguments and not seeing the reality.
Big Brother and the Party is always right.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Look on the bright side, now

Look on the bright side, now that the NDAA has been passed in Congress, they can't hate the US for its freedoms anymore, so that should end all terrorism, ne c'est pas?

This space available

This title has got to be the best way to point out

how dangerous the current foreign policy is.

I heard it, too!

Almost his EXACT words.

I was walking from one room into another, and it was like a brick wall jumped up in front of me. Naturally, my first thought was: Why didn't I think of that?


(I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken)

You have got to be kidding

and they call Dr. Paul a kook? What, they like gettng bombed?


LOL! They want us to bomb


They want us to bomb them, as long as we're not free when we do it.


They hate us because we camp

They hate us because we camp out in front of stores for days waiting to purchase the latest and greatest way to drop cell phone calls.

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

I think it's time to start

I think it's time to start bombimg these idiots with bags of poo and see if it pisses them off let alone killing their families with them...! Lol... Bombs away...! :-)

....Or to Start...

...Throwing Tomatoes at Public Officials
EVERYTIME they give us a BS speech.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

They hate us because we shop

They hate us because we shop at Wal-Mart and eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

That title made me laugh,

That title made me laugh, then I see someone truly brainwashed actually said it. OMG How out of it can a person be??

They hate us because we're

They hate us because we're all young, rich and good looking.