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Doug Wead just PWNED Megyn Kelly!



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Just saw and heard Doug

on Fox this AM (12/30). He's good at representin'. Maybe one of you tech-savvy people can get a link up here for that inteview?

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doug is an amazing speaker.

doug is an amazing speaker.

Doug is worth EVERY PENNY he is paid!

I remember Doug working the evangelicals for Reagan back in the 80's. The guy is a MASTER at what he does. This interview (and others) just proves he is worth every penny he is paid by the campaign!

This guy is VP material.




"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Around 3:25 when Doug Wead

Around 3:25 when Doug Wead tells Megan that Ron Paul will win the nomination....

that was a ninja move right there to plant that in people's mind.

Did you notice that grin on

Did you notice that grin on Wead's face? Just a pick'in and a grin'in. LOL!!!

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nice interview Doug !

great to the point answers,
clarified the usual misconceptions about his foreign policy !
and quite a good answer for the "age" issue.
are these people ageists ..btw ?

Obama has the right age, but completely wrong on issues !! lol

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Donate to fund Paul's war chest with commercials for the Primaries!! In with the big boys, HE IS THE LEAD TOP candidate, need to FUND HIM!!!

Not sure about the headline...

Saying Doug Wead PWNED Megan Kelley doesn't seem appropriate. Megan has consistently held fair interviews of Ron Paul and other campaign people. I have the conception like there was a confrontational situation and Doug took the situation over. Things weren't that way.

It's more like he PWNED the questions. They weren't exactly "softballs", but he did show definite command of the topics covered. A perfect time for Doug to step forward.



suggestion . .

PLEASE Doug or Dr. Paul, or WHOEVER gets asked the age question again, can you PLEASE refocus the interviewer on the REAL issue. The candidate's health.

Isn't that the real question? Is the candidate healthy enough to serve as Pres.?

So, here's how to shut this quesiotn down from being asked again and always answer it this way.

Answer: Yes ron Paul is 76, why do you ask?
Interviewer: Isnt that a concern or issue?
Answer: Why?
Interviewer: Well, the health of the candidate in holding this country's highest and most pressurized office
Answer: ohhhhh!!! ok, you're asking about the candidates health. ok. Well I'll let you know what I know of Dr. Paul's health.
His resting heart rate is below xx
His elevated heart rate during exercise is xx
His weight is xx
His father lived to be ?? years old
His cholesterol is xx
He rides his bike xx miles per day

NOW! When will WE get the other candidates statistics?

There isnt a healthier candidate in the race, INCLUDING Obama!! You wanna stage a race?
Newt would puke before Ron broke a sweat
Perry would keil over just after Newt puked
Bachman would last a little longer, then Romney would be next with Santorum infishing closest to Dr. Paul and by the way, Santorum is 30 years Ron's junior, but STILL not tough enough OR healthy enough to compete in Dr. Paul's league.
You wanna compare like stress tests??
Bring it on!!
By the way, let me know when you ask Newt and the others about their health cause I'd like to tune in and get a good laugh!!
Smile the whole time your pounding the interviewer and laugh at the end.

Jackson County Georgia

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Add in the fact that he was a three sport star in school and the only congressman or senator to ever hit a home run in the annual congressional baseball game.

Good point

i.e. - Gingrich looks like he could have a cardiac arrest during a prospective first term, the fat bastard.

I'll Take Doug Weed and Never Look Back..

He has been a godsend for Ron Paul and the 2012 campaign

I like PUNKED!! As in they are all a bunch of punks!

the best answer for the "age"

the best answer for the "age" question is "Reagan was 82 years old when he left office" plain and simple somebody start saying it please

A Super Great Job Doug. I'm

A Super Great Job Doug. I'm Glad Your On Paul Team.

If it was any other candidate I would have thought this was

propaganda lol. She raised concerns/ he swatted them down. This was very pro-Paul. The last thing she said was "24% in Iowa"- She reminded the viewer that RP was ahead. She didn't have to do that. No mention of the newsletters either.

I don't know. At the end, her

I don't know. At the end, her only argument against Ron was "you're talking about 24% but he's still 76 years old".


The campaign needs to get him on more programs. He is excellent at articulating Dr. Paul's positions. Why are we just now seeing him getting interviews??

This was great!

Doug answered precisely and redirected the age to the proper concerns which are positions Paul has vs Obama. I would absolutely and without hesitation prefer Paul at age 76 dying in office (heaven forbid) after two years over some Republican rhino for eight years! Also note how Reagan stated it, that he felt it unfair to have all his years of experience over his opponent. Which leads us to the importance of having the appropriate VP selected. Kesinich rumbling of VP by some here would be a complete failure in continuing Paul's policies.

I'm also thankful about the description of Paul being to the left Obama being corrected so directly. The Republican debate's facilitator and many pundits have been using it and it is such a ruse. Ron is not close to being alined with nor worse that Obama. Newt's rambling description of Ron being just as bad as Obama is so off base and misleading that Newt just adds another layer of slim to his salamander character. Which is probably the reason he just continues to fall.

Newt's description of Ron Paul's supporters as being indecent should also be attacked. The campaign may want to defend us in his stump speeches if not at his acceptance of the nomination speech! ;-)

Iowan's, I pray, don't be deceived by many of the pundits who are part of this political attack machine.

Have a blessed day!

The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.

No newsletters??? Best part. "Best protest vote against

corruption in D.C." Favorite comeback! Great job Doug. Someone below said he's smoooooooth. Ditto that!.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

Thank you, Doug

You can try to set the record straight with boneheads like CNN and Fox but they are as thick as bricks. It's like she has a list of leading questions and she does not care what his answers are.

His answers were right on...pass it on!

This is getting interesting!!

ytc's picture

Doug W has the nuanced poise of a winning

mature spokesman for the Liberty Party. He is not easily baited by silly questions and uses every occasion to promote Ron's strengths.

Just what we need now to face off the shrieking frothing unsightly LSM hound-dogs.

Great move, RP2012 campaign!



very positive, and nice to

very positive, and nice to see we're getting back to the issues

This was a fair

Interview + Megan is so pretty. Please change the pawn wording.

Y'all didn't notice that every question was denigrating?

That's generally when people use the term PWNED - when someone who is on the offensive gets shut down righteously in debate.

I think calling Ron Paul "to the left" of Obama sets her up to be "PWNED". I am not offended by the term. I am offended by her being a tool of the military industrial complex.

The questions themselves were

The questions themselves were not "denigrating" in the least. Megyn was basically quoting what others have been saying, and allowing Doug to make his points against such charges. She never even tried to counter him on his responses. This was a positive interview.

yeah, she served up questions

yeah, she served up questions like big softballs that could be hit out of the park, then didn't interrupt the answers. I can't stand the interviews like Oreilly and Hannity where they cut you off on every 5th word out your mouth.

Too bad they all aren't like Leno.

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