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Iowa Homestretch! Campaign Requests for IA + Volunteers

Formerly titled: Important Update Re: Campaign Efforts in IA + Volunteers

I have been asked to relay this message...

Ron Paul's Campaign in Iowa is doing excellent! They have plenty of volunteers, and everything is going very well.

If you live in Iowa and want to help out, please call the Ankeny office at: 515-657-6924

IF YOU DON'T LIVE IN IOWA, the best way you can help the Ron Paul effort there is to make phone calls using the Phone-From-Home system and by donating. If you are considering traveling to Iowa to volunteer, Ron asks that you save the time and money you would've used on your trip to Iowa to Phone-From-Home and to donate instead.

Also, Ron asks that you NOT contact the Iowa GOP or attempt to act as an observer for the count on caucus night, as uncoordinated actions hurt our cause more than they help. The Ron Paul Campaign in Iowa has supporters on the IAGOP Central Committee, and it has a plan in place for observing the count. The Campaign is confident in the process, confident in their ability to monitor the election, and confident that the IAGOP will be fair and open. Any statements to the contrary are simply untrue.

The grassroots enthusiasm is appreciated, but the campaign is doing very well with its on-the-ground efforts there. Again, the best way to help Ron Paul is to make phone calls that matter by using the Campaign's Phone-From-Home system and to give your most generous contribution.


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OK, so who is the guy from

OK, so who is the guy from the RP campaign that sent out this sabotage letter telling people NOT to watch the vote??

I just heard Jim Condit, Jr., the guy that started the watchthevote2012.com effort, on the Rense program. He is accusing the RP campaign representative that sent out this letter of intentionally sabotaging Ron Paul.

I see now that on the 26th, this posting was here at the dailypaul:


So exactly WHO in the RP campaign sent the first letter out telling everyone to stay home and not bother with watching the vote?? Whoever he is, he needs to be FIRED ASAP!

To Nathanv:

Covering the Caucus Volunteers Class;
A-How-To Seminar on TV
Envelopes AND maps distributed to all
by district, Question and Answer.
Observers allowed even if NOT residents.
Only residents to VOTE, (by Official GOP Organizer)

BLACKHAWK HOTEL ??... Here are is your envelope..
...nobody to accept..not the only one.

YES they do need backup out there.
Those headed there, I salute you.
Be wary of being used though...we all wish you the best.
Happy New Year, May God's Hand Guide You

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Call Me Paranoid ...

On the surface, I don't see anything wrong with anyone unobtrusively observing the vote count at a precinct and uploading the result to a website, Facebook, etc.

As I understand it, this is what Watch The Vote is trying to do in an organized fashion.

Here is where my paranoia kicks in. It seems that WTV is relying on volunteers to assign themselves to specific precincts for observing and reporting the vote. In other words, these volunteers are self-designating themselves as objective observers.

But what if they have an agenda other than phoning/emailing/tweeting an honest vote count? What if they have a commitment to one or another of the candidates, and that commitment leads them to falsely report the vote that they observe?

I could even see some anti-Paul person getting himself designated as the WTV observer for a precinct, and over-reporting Paul's total just to make it look (after being "caught") that Paul was up to some kind of vote-stealing shenanigans! Would you put it past Paul's enemies to do this?

Maybe I am misunderstanding how the WTV system is supposed to work. If so, I would love to be enlightened.

That isn't paranoid

That's common sense and that is good enough reason to reject anything having to do with the proposal by Jim Condit, WatchTheVote.

They give no way to make the process of their doings transparent therefore they cannot be trusted.

Taken with the racist history of Jim Condit, no logical person should support WatchTheVote.

To: StephenSmith~photos/videos are the VERIFICATION we nd, but

Hi, I think the ONLY WAY we can VERIFY VOTES is with video/photo pictures of the vote tally totals at each precinct.

Pictures & videos don't lie and can't be manipulated. A live video of the caucus itself with the camera real-time turning to the table for the vote tabulation; then, when tabulated a photo of the tabulation totals WHICH ARE USUALLY PUT UP ON A BIG SCREEN FOR THE WHOLE CAUCUS TO SEE (this is how they did it in Montana, not sure in Iowa but probably they do, especially in the larger communities).

THAT is when you can take a second photo. Take as many photos as you like and upload the best. If needed, USE FLASHES, and also MAKE SURE YOU WRITE DOWN THE TOTALS of each & every candidate as a back-up to the videos/photos.

Stephen, PICTURES DON'T LIE....but in order to reduce paranoia (you made a VERY good point) EVERY VOTE COUNTER CAN BE VERIFIED AS A RP SUPPORTER BY DOING A GOOGLE SEARCH---someone who is lying will lie about their name~~get photo I.D. before allowing them to do this~~get address & phone numbers~~also do a google search to see what comes up!! If their name comes up with letters to the editors about praising the GRINCH, then, you know they are a phony. EXIT them immediately and report them to the Iowa GOP.

TELL ADAM KOKESH TO VERIFY PEOPLE....if they can't be verified, they have to go WITH SOMEONE ELSE, a 2nd checker, if you will, or they can't go at all. This is critical.

NOW, this is how we get rid of the PARANOIA. ONLY people who verifiably donated in 2007-2008 will get a pass to go by themselves. NO ONE ELSE!

ADAM KOKESH can verify those who donated in 07--08 at Presidential Donor Lookup Results~~


watch the vote is not run out of any one campaign, because then the watching could be biased. it is completely independent.. and it is already organized. we have already been assigning county leaders, and are registering vote monitors as i type.

anyone who will be in Iowa , and would like to be a vote monitor should go to http://registerwatchthevote2012.com right now and sign up... and NO Ron Paul shirts.

like i said this is an independent grassroots movement, although none of us would be wasting our time if the only choices were idiot rinos, who might as well be obama 2.

all you have to do is record the data @ the precinct assigned to you, and send it to your county leader. simple enough, as unobtrusive as possible.

help us man the polls.

Think for yourself......Question authority...


WatchTheVote is NOT accountable to anyone.

With all apologies to Newt Gingrich, no decent Iowan could trust WatchTheVote and who else should?

No one.

WatchTheVote is about this racist moron Jim Condit trying to ride on Ron Paul's coattails.

Get out of here you bigot moron!

if you are clear that you are not acting in official capacity

for any one candidate, I do not see the harm in being aware of the vote count. I really don't think anyone has much to fear that someone will barge into a precinct upsetting people with demands because it is their right or whatever. I have no plans to start leaning over peoples shoulders or getting in the way of people doing their jobs. In fact one user on this site told me specifically not to go to any polls. I have no set agenda other than going to visit the campaign office, maybe taking a drive through DesMoines and hopefully enjoying steak, whiskey, and a nice Cuban seed cigar while the results come in.
I do however think it foolish if supporters happen to be around situations that seem odd to disregard their instincts because they do not feel that they have a roll in this process. I know that the big fuss is over the watch the vote, and other than watching the video that encourages people to do so, I have in no way been in contact or advocated for their cause. I feel that this is up to each individual.
I do however would like to remind you all, that almost everything that the media and establishment has done to Ron Paul is a form of electioneering, and there are infinite ways to unfairly influence an election process.
Although Ron Paul's campaign has taken their position, under no circumstance should it mean that you should become less vigilant in observing the general process as a citizen. I am committed to not allowing the 4th branch of government to elect our next president.

People know who they are~~

Those who are headed to Iowa know what to do now. They have laptops, cell phones, etc. They will contact other RP staff at local locations and go from there. Pack your RP shirts but be ready to leave them in the suitcase if it seems best to do. Incognito may be our best bet, as we infiltrate the caucuses.

I STRONGLY suspect Campaign Headquarters has a plan for election validation. My sense is headquarters cannot say anything to the Media for fear of being a "conspiracy" theorist nut. That's the last thing Ron needs.

As I said previously, "the more the merrier"(eyes) that we have the better.

A massive number of out-of-staters will be arriving tomorrow, and my sense is this~~fresh minds, alert minds will prevail. Many at the local level will be tired and weary, but they, too, will drive themselves on increased adrenaline. Be smart. Be supportive. Be well-dressed as in business casual.

Just some unsolicited advice:

BE CAREFUL WHO YOU SPEAK TO ABOUT THIS. DO NOT TALK TO MOTEL/HOTEL PEOPLE or strangers at a bar/restaurant. DO NOT TELL ANYONE WHAT YOU ARE DOING. It is better to error on the side of caution than to be a loose mouth. Remember, "loose lips sink ships".

IOWA is the one state we have control to prevent the theft of the true winner. If we fail here, the national GOP will know they won. We must have the attitude that this is our last chance to prove that THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL NOT BE DENIED, ESPECIALLY THE IOWAN PEOPLE.

Just Trust Me

days are long past. Every person has a responsibility to do everything they can no matter who they support, to insure that the election process is not subverted or perverted we have seen in past years overwhelming evidence of election fraud and we are seeing it now from media and from the GOP itself. Trust no one.


Steve Deace Endorses Newt Gingrich

My latest piece on the Steve Deace endorsement: http://wp.me/p1xkKA-bB


Guys Please Help

Guys please help us participate in watching the vote in Iowa, not only is it for Ron Paul, but for the integrity of our Elections, the principals that define each and everyone of as an individual American. A notion of having a citizenship that means something! Something that stands tall, strong, PROUD! A transparent vote would make all these things, possible, not only ensure a Ron Paul fair count, but to get back our integrity of a true free America!! To stand free and proud once again!! For LIBERTY ! ! !



SOMEONE (like D. Wead or J. Hunter) nds to be THE IOWA CONTACT

coordinating this effort PRONTO. All we have to do is find out the following:

1. How many vote counters do we have at which precincts or locations.

2. Determine how many other precincts or counties we need to send people to.

3. PRIORITIZE the precincts. Get the biggest bang for our vote counters as possible. Draw a list up of the largest precincts/counties first. Those are the spots that must be filled first. Then, go down the line.

The Iowa Contact(s) for this project SHOULD be someone who is there already & preferably knows the County Contacts and has a good working relationship with them already.

How about let's get DOUG WEAD or JACK HUNTER to head this up, if they are in Iowa.

Jack Hunter might be the ticket we need. He strikes me as being EXTREMELY well-organized and capable.

If someone in the Des Moines RP headquarters has already initiated this, then, still add onto their list of RP Americans who can be added quickly to different precincts for added support and insurance.

The Iowa Contact(s) MUST BE ABLE TO PROVE they were a RP supporter financially in the 2007-2008 election to verify we can trust them. Ideally, we should have several contacts coordinating this (for cross-checking purposes). All I.D.s need to be shared amongst supporters for this to happen, meaning verification of your identity in whatever ways you can. This can be EASILY & QUICKLY DONE, and if anyone resists, get rid of them.

ALL RESULTS AT EACH PRECINCT/COUNTY WILL BE VIDEOTAPED & PHOTOGRAPHED; then uploaded to DAILY PAUL or some central RP supporter spot. In my opinion, we do not need Watch the Vote. We don't know these people, and at this stage we can't take that risk.

With enough people actively participating, the State Iowa GOP will be intimidated into towing the line, because if they don't, there will be TOO MANY RP AMERICANS checking on them, and THEY WILL BE CAUGHT & TRAPPED prior to the uploading or calling in of results.

This can be done very effectively and efficiently. There is no reason that we can't post results here to Daily Paul, as well, unless the Campaign Headquarters wants to post them. But, the person in charge should keep the results, as well. All counties should be accounted for, regardless. Below is a link of the counties another RP supporter posted prior:

Lastly, insuring this process will give ALL AMERICANS the truth of the common people's support for him. Iowa does represent many, many Americans and should NOT be disenfranchised or discounted. I believe truly that IOWANS ARE MAD AS HELL at their Governor and all the National GOP minions who have tried to "discredit" their votes if they don't vote for who THEY HAVE ANOINTED.


Get video/photo DOCUMENTATION of tally then upload immediately

I have seen it “up close and personal” as a delegate in a presidential election and it is something you don’t ever want to experience. What I am talking about is how you will feel if you have to watch in horror next Tuesday night as the MSM announces another candidate as the “winner” of the Iowa caucus. Transport yourself ahead in time to that scene and get it through your head that it will most definitely happen if we do not finish the job we started by monitoring and DOCUMENTING the vote!

Do not kid yourself. There is too much at stake and the establishment will steal this win from Dr. Paul – and the momentum that comes with it – any way they can, and are laying out their plans to do so even as I type. The only thing that stands between them pulling it off – or failing – is us, the grassroots, much like Bruce Willis’s character in “Die Hard”, the proverbial “fly in the ointment” if you will.

I don’t care what anyone says…we need to observe and DOCUMENT next Tuesday night’s Iowa caucuses as if our lives depend on it, because they do! If we truly want this man to win – and win by a landslide as we all know he has the potential to do, i.e., in a way that will leave no doubt who won – then we must do everything we can to monitor and DOCUMENT the vote. It doesn’t matter how we do it…the methods being presented here on Daily Paul all have merit and should be utilized, whether by getting video and still photo DOCUMENTATION of the tally and uploading it right here on Daily Paul, or utilizing the Transparent Vote or Watch the Vote methods. The more eyes centered on that vote tally and getting the necessary video and still photo DOCUMENTATION of it and uploading it to various sites as quickly as possible, the better. In fact, why couldn’t the designated person get the video and photo DOCUMENTATION and send it to all three of the aforementioned websites, so that they’d all reconcile?

Yes, at least 1 person in each of the precincts needs to be there to capture that DOCUMENTATION, and unless the Paul campaign has done that – which I seriously doubt, simply because of the workload they are already carrying and not enough hours in the day – we need to fill in that gap. I agree with many in this thread who say to turn away no help. We can’t possibly know how valuable having our people there that the day and night might prove to be, especially if all of a sudden we have people getting "sick" or failing to show up for some reason.

There have been many good suggestions made in this thread about the subject of watching the vote next Tuesday night and I especially liked what cepiron, TheSandman, Spirit of 1776 and Nate had to say. However, there have also been some really vicious comments directed toward good people who genuinely care about this country and support Dr. Paul, but just want to make sure all the votes are counted and DOCUMENTED. Please, those of you who are attacking different individuals and groups that are trying to make a difference relative to the vote count and DOCUMENTATION, stop attacking them. Follow Dr. Paul’s example…let them do what they think is best. If they think it is best to “watch the vote”, let them do that and you do whatever you think is best. Let’s stop the fighting amongst ourselves and start working together and doing what we do best…bottom up…grassroots. Let’s resolve ourselves to bring home the win. Let’s do it for him, for ourselves, and for our fellow Americans.


But SOMEONE has to be coordinating this effort, and it SHOULD BE the campaign headquarters.

What I mean is this~~they MUST KNOW who are the "assigned counters" per county precinct. Someone in IOWA working on this SHOULD ALLOW EXTRA people to go along as "back-ups" to be there if need be for the main person assigned to watch them count those votes as they come in.



IF POSSIBLE, 1 person video tapes, the other watches & counts steadfastly as if your life depended on it. If the GOP only allows 1 person to watch & count the vote, then, the other person needs to be recording from a distance which I think they can do, PLUS video & photo the finale results.

The counter person should have his own picture cell phone, or borrow one if necessary, to verify & film the final result. There should only be 1 ballot per person.

I Could Not Agree More!

This is a great plan! I originally was thinking a 2-3 man team myself, but since some are kicking about being involved at all (i.e., "just let the campaign handle it"), I thought I'd be modest and say 1. You have got the right idea there cepivon (sorry I misspelled your username, lol), this is what needs to be done. How many people on this thread are actually in Iowa and could impliment a plan like this over the weekend? So much is going to be riding on these teams going into the caucuses...we need to be as supportive of them as we can be. What can we do to pull this together if people like Spirit of 1776 don't get a response pretty soon from the campaign? Move forward independently? Kind of like we'be been doing since 2007?

Just Do It

If one waits on a response from Ron's campaign, they'll be left holding an empty bag. Time is rapidly expiring. Apparently, only two alternatives exist currently for verifying the vote in addition to the official one. Since it's so late, I'd focus on using one or both alternatives and simply show up. Just do it. Be polite, but resolute. If you're just an outside observer (not a participant), don't advertise Ron's campaign since monitoring the vote is NOT ONLY about Ron. You'll be there simply to help ensure an accurate count for ALL candidates. We want Iowans' choice to prevail whoever that person, hopefully Ron, might be.


watch the vote is not run out of any one campaign, because then the watching could be biased. it is completely independent.. and it is already organized. we have already been assigning county leaders, and are registering vote monitors as i type.

anyone who will be in Iowa , and would like to be a vote monitor should go to http://registerwatchthevote2012.com right now and sign up... and NO Ron Paul shirts.

like i said this is an independent grassroots movement, although none of us would be wasting our time if the only choices were idiot rinos, who might as well be obama 2.

all you have to do is record the data @ the precinct assigned to you, and send it to your county leader. simple enough, as unobtrusive as possible.

help us man the polls.

Think for yourself......Question authority...

dont watch the vote?

You have to be kidding. Of course we need to watch the vote. Go on YouTube and type in Ron Paul says watch the vote..

Are you afraid of offending the Iowa GOP? They would only be offended if they would like to rig the vote. There is absolutely nothing wrong with an independent group watching the vote, and Ron Paul himself said this type of action needs to be taken.

"Confident in the process"


Hacking the vote is the only option they have left, because Ron Paul IS going to win.


Ill be watching the vote....

Think for yourself......Question authority...

Iowa GOP has Offended me

Because they can not provide a transparent fullproof election count and they have allowed the propaganda media to do all kinds of criminal election fixing activities so far. If you do not count the vote there is no point in the election. He who counts the vote decides the election if its done in secret or in some perverted corrupt manner.


Yes, and This Very Morning..

..C-Span had IOWA GOP CoChairman Mike(?) Funk on.

He made comment as to the "types of people" associated with and supporting RP, most notably some "rascist types", who it would be wise to publicly denounce.

Didn't mention Perry and the "Ni**erhead rock" at the Perry Compound..only vague inuendos about RP.

IOWA GOP: Shame on you!
Now you know why DPers are suspiscious.

Please prove us wrong!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


CoChairman Mike(?) Funk on or whatever his name is. IF we start a recall of him for this election fixing coment and i am sure there are plenty more, it will send a huge message to the rest of the Dictatorship within the GOP. RECALL the inside traitors. What is the proceedure in Iowa or in the GOP bylaws to recall a party member who makes racist allogations to fix an election?


Old RP book~~MEDIA perpetrated SLAMS will Backfire

Have you noticed that the attacks on Dr. Paul have ORIGINATED more from the TV media NEWSREPORTERS TODAY, rather than the candidates themselves or their campaigns? CNN just acted like his enemy and an accomplice to the national GOP.

I suggest that the next time one of the news reporters brings up 20 year old defamaition material on Dr Paul, we, or Dr. Paul respond by asking why haven't their "researchers" who are so diligently researching the past of Ron Paul--INVESTIGATE & REPORT on the major flip flops of Romney and Gingrich? Why did OUR CAMPAIGN have to ferret this out & not them??

I just wanted to being attention to this "detail"~~that it is THE MEDIA BY THEMSELVES, NOT the other campaigns or candidates who have DELIBERATELY DUG under the rug to get this out, yet HOW IRONIC that these "investigative journalists" are nowhere to be found when one of the MOST HEINOUS BILLS has recently passed~~the National Defense Authorization Act~~which has stripped ALL AMERICANS of their rights to an attorney & a fair trial. Indeed!

But, I got NEWS for the Media! They "think" those attacks will hurt Dr. Paul? Well, I got news for them~~~these attacks WILL SURELY BACKFIRE, duh, as the evangelicals will SURELY support Ron Paul.

Wrong Section

Wrong Section

Happy New Year

to the supervoters of precinct "Ashborough E 2" in Dorchester Co., South Carolina. Put them to good use. Spread the word and bring your friends to the polls for Ron Paul.

The OP is only asking that

The OP is only asking that supporters from outside IA refrain from going to Iowa as volunteers at this late date (when it would be too late for the campaign to organize them properly): there are already lots of out-of-state volunteers in IA, and the campaign is still accepting volunteers from inside IA. So, what's the big deal? The OP should not be misunderstood as an attempt to marginalize the grassroots in general - that's just absurd. Continue to write letters to slanderous "journalists," as someone mentioned below, or whatever other activities you usually do to support RP independently of the campaign. Do whatever you like, just don't (if you wish to follow the campaign's request) go to volunteer in IA if you live out-of-state.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

To: NowOrNever

If people have made plans, they can go regardless, and THEY WILL GO. If they are not needed, so be it.

BUT.....I'll bet you money that they will be needed in one way or another. And, if someone is sick, they are ready to step in.

I know some peoples world revolves around Ron Paul but

People have been coming to Iowa (from out of state) for years.
This is a big event that marks a point in time where our nation and future will forever be changed.
If the Ron Paul campaign does not want you, don't worry they don't want me either.
If in Davenport call Hotel Blackhawk and ask for the Metz suite any time after 3pm on the 2nd.
Lunch, dinner, drinks, sight seeing, trip to DesMoines, fishing whatever.
Come for a long weekend and take part in history.
Let the campaign sort out the wheat from the chaff. I don't care if you have dreads or tattoos. Just an enthusiasm for freedom

Good for You!

Dispel a negative with a positive, and that sounds like a positive "action" .
Think of yourself as a "reservist", as such the military has Naval Reservists, Army Reserve, etc.
And if I make it out there in time, I will look you up.
GodSpeed, Good Luck!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I don't have an opinion on

I don't have an opinion on the matter myself; i.e. I'm not in Iowa and I have no idea whether there's a need for volunteers or not. I'm simply suggesting that the campaign knows what's best, because they are in Iowa, and they are professionals with election experience. So if they say no more out-of-staters, then I'll take their word for it. That's all there is to it.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."