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♥ Kelly Clarkson Musicbomb ♥

Let's return Kelly some love today by getting her latest album back into the top 10.

Her Tweet/Facebook post "I love Ron Paul..." is huge, gutsy and came at the perfect time.

Dr. Paul is on the verge of major breakout in support and things like this are just the catalyst the movement needs. She has a huge fan base, and those that agree with many of Dr. Paul's positions but believed his followers were crazy nutjobs, are more apt to feel comfortable supporting him when their respected heroes such as Kelly point out the Emperor is in fact not wearing any clothes.

It takes a lot of guts for any musician to come out in support of a candidate for the simple fact they may offend some fans that might not agree with one's views and possibly lose out in record sales.

Let's show Kelly the opposite is also possible, especially when it comes to the Liberty Movement.

Her latest album Stronger is currently #41 in Amazon's Best Sellers list and #15 on iTunes - let's get it back to the top of charts!

- Purchase at Amazon (Includes Dailypaul referral tag)
- or at iTunes

Maybe the small surge in sales will be noticed by other musicians who are skeptical or afraid to come out in support - for as we all know truth is treason in an empire of lies.

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Oh My God This is WORKING!

Kelly Clarkson Sales Skyrocket On Amazon After Ron Paul Endorsement


Michelle Branch on Ron Paul Bandwagon


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I bought 9 of the albums from

I bought 9 of the albums from Amazon, and several songs from ITUNES. It's working.

Cos Cob, CT

Just bought her Album on

Just bought her Album on iTunes ;).

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She's up to #7 on Amazon!

She's up to #7 on Amazon! From 41 when she tweeted. Amazing.

Cos Cob, CT

DJ Qbert has shown RP some luv too

Tweet from Qbert

DJ Qbert ThudRumble
Enough is Enough!!! >:( youtube.com/watch?v=NW-e7z… Make this viral!! Even the military is awakening and disagrees with these orders!!!

Clarkson currently has albums

Clarkson currently has albums rising and in the number 15, 19 and 67 spots in iTunes.

Also, I noticed that iTunes made a large banner ad for her latest album on the front page (perhaps automatically based on the skyrocketing sales).


Yo, we all need to tweet krs one and ask him to publically endores RP again on twitter. Then we can do the same thing to his latest album on Amazon. This would SO prove a point. Plus if you are into hiphop KRS ONE is awesome, and like Ron Paul a REAL MC, not like all these FAKE @$$ rappers the main stream media keeps backing. Come one people lets do it through music.

All These Attacks On Kelly Has Helped Her and "Uncle Ronnie"

She is being propelled to #1 and Ron Paul is going to pull away from Newt Romney..

Romneys following is way over blown and so is Sanitarium..

I wouldn't be surprised if Ron Paul gets 40% of the Vote on Tuesday night..Ha!

We need to keep up the

We need to keep up the momentum because every hour its taking away sales. We need to buy more every hour than we lose.

Michelle Branch

Michelle Branch just endorsed Ron Paul.

This is working.

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Up to #13 on Amazon, from 41

Up to #13 on Amazon, from 41 when she tweeted.

Cos Cob, CT

number two on movers and shakers list.


F*** making me want to buy it again!! hahah

I bought 15...

...and I don't even listen to her music.

Paul ante portas.


Thats awesome!!!!!!

Ron Paul is back

We need to supercharge this because if we succeed many musicians might come out of the closet as Ron Paul supporters.

Check this out


FTMSM (F*ck The Main Stream Media) we are doing it.
We need to get her too #1

Just got it on Piratebay.org!!!!

Alright, just kidding. I'm wondering if these sales are going to trigger other endorsements. I'm keeping my eyes on rappers and r/b artists. Anyone of them would be a blow to Obama. This could get interesting.

I just got it! Please rate it...

Bought it via iTunes. Very important that we "Like" all the Ron Paul comments under reviews in iTunes under "most recent"...it will make them most popular!

Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” Album Up 192% Since Endorsing Ron Pa

"Kelly Clarkson’s endorsement of Ron Paul may have caused controversy with her Twitter followers, but it sure helped her career.

Sales of Clarkson’s album “Stronger” have soared on Amazon ever since the singer tweeted, “I love Ron Paul,” and “He’s got my vote.”

In the past 24 hours, Clarkson’s record was up 192% on the online retail site."


Push her to #1

Let's all show her that the revolution is responding to her courage. I just donated to the good doctor, and then bought her CD. I feel great!!


Just went to #13 on Amazon

and up to 200% on Movers and Shakers - amazing!

she rocks!

she rocks!


We need to make her #1 in both Itunes and Amazon. This is now becoming personal. Revolution is near my friends.

Just bought it...figured the

Just bought it...figured the kids would like it...why not...11 bucks for the mp3 version.

Just purchased her whole

Just purchased her whole album on iTunes. Funny, that a lot of her song titles are very relevant to the cause.

I just bought it!

All that talking I was doing and then I realized, wait a second, I didn't buy her record! I just bought it now. I bought the CD version because I like looking at a cover. I'm old fashioned I guess. I miss when I use to buy tapes and albums and you would actually handle what you bought.

Also, a CD you can actually

Also, a CD you can actually resell and make a little money back.

These Media Whores Would Call For Christ's Head All Over Again

This poor gal called a racist by Megyn Kelly on Fox News This morning...The bastards..

Bought all of them

I just bought every one of her albums on iTunes, and I don't even like her music.

Paul ante portas.

Re: Bought all of them

Ha, I just bought her latest album on Amazon but after seeing that you bought all of them I decided to do the same.

By the way, I was going to buy it on iTunes but wanted to give Amazon a try. Amazon automatically downloads the music into iTunes so it's the best of both worlds in case anyone is wondering.

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