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Huff Post: Ron Paul Ad Defending Candidate Against Racist Charges Released

The super PAC supporting Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) in his presidential campaign released a powerful 2-minute web ad this morning designed to hit back at stories about racist comments in newsletters with Paul's name on them that appeared in the 80's and 90's.

The ad, produced by Revolution PAC, stars James Williams, a black man from Matagorda County, Texas. Williams says that when he took his wife -- who is white -- to the hospital in the early 70's, the hospital staff ignored her.


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This Just In....

...Ron Paul traveled back in time to 1972 to deliver a baby for a biracial couple to counter the attacks against him today.



I strongly believe legions of people are currently employed

to spew this hatred full-time all over the boards - by all sides of the political aisle. If you read the comments to the new RevPac ad, you will notice the increase in hatred in the comments. How many people who don't support Ron Paul do you think would immediately seek out this new ad to watch, much less cram the boards with false information and hatred?

I agree. When you see the

I agree. When you see the same person posting every 3-5 minutes for hours straight, it makes you wonder whether they are being paid by other candidates to do this...


Hate to say it man, but these are real people. People really are this insane and hateful.

Remember, Hitler was elected. REAL PEOPLE put people into concentration camps. People who are part of groups can become scary scary people.

It fits their "Republicans hate gays and minorities" meme and allows them to pat themselves on the back and feel self righteous.

Eric Hoffer


Likely it is some of both.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

WTF is the matter with you

WTF is the matter with you people! GET OFF HUFF PO! THEY WILL NOT POST YOUR COMMENTS NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU TRY! Don't read this trash!

HuffPost will matter in the

HuffPost will matter in the general election. We need to establish a presence over there sooner rather than later.


They post my comments all the time, I defend Paul over there almost daily.

Maybe take off the CAPS key and just be patient. Certain words there trigger an approval system that puts them in a queue for a moderator.

Eric Hoffer


I did not know they were doing that. I will stay away from any link to their site now as much as possible.

I saw the Tom Woods post about them not allowing Pro-Paul comments on site also now.

Also not to be rude to the people who post links to them but maybe we should not vote them to the front page on this site.
I know I will not post any link to them now anywhere.


I am not familiar with

I am not familiar with HuffPo, are they biased toward the left or right? It really says something if Paul is getting it from both sides of the political spectrum!

Left mostly. They're owned by

Left mostly. They're owned by AOL though so they won't be around much longer.

It makes my head hurt

Some of the people that comment over there are impossible.

Easy fix

If the Huff will not allow pro-Paul comments then the only logical solution is to STOP visiting their site. If they want to act like little babies then don't feed their wallets or ego.

well here is a HuffPo article with good points

by Robert Scheer


excerpt: It is hypocritical that Paul is now depicted as the archenemy of non-white minorities when it was his nemesis, the Federal Reserve, that enabled the banking swindle that wiped out 53 percent of the median wealth of African-Americans and 66 percent for Latinos, according to the Pew Research Center.

can you believe it?

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/


Well, I agree with you all; I was actually fighting the good fight on there a while ago with this comment:

"Freedom of speech and activism to spread the message of liberty is a double-edged sword for Ron Paul. Those old newsletters are the baggage that results from his failure to police every word that goes out in the name of spreading the message of liberty. But if he doesn't encourage everyone who basically agrees with him to go out and spread the word, the message dies. I don't see any major corporations throwing money at a campaign for liberty, do you? It's a conundrum. It's a difficult message to sell, and it can't be done in a sound bite or a 30-second debate question. But if intelligent people don't listen and think and respond to this message, we will find that our rights will continue to erode and our economy will only get worse. The whole premise of waiting for the economy to recover because the middle class will buy enough on credit to bring back jobs is bogus now. The middle class has been decimated and credit isn't available. Our jobs have gone overseas.

But you commenters here and Huffington Post, just go ahead and keep focusing on 20 year old newsletters than Dr. Paul didn't even write. That ought to help restore America."

But I can only take the huff and puff for so long before I have to get some air.

Somebody did respond to my comment asking if they could use it, and that gave me the idea that others might want to, also. Feel free, Mary

It's sad. Reading the

It's sad. Reading the comments, there's a lot of brainwashed people that post there. After reading their comments, its obviously that they never researched Ron Paul at all - they are basically just spitting out random talking points told to them hundreds of times.


I get the feeling it's lots

I get the feeling it's lots of the OWS crowd over there.

It's mostly the same few

It's mostly the same few people posting over and over and over again which lends credence to the idea that they aren't normal people, but likely people hired by other candidates to incessantly post non-sense every 3 minutes. I see these people on almost every RP article over the last few weeks.



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Tom Woods makes me

Tom Woods makes me smile!


Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT

Boycott the blow pigs please!

Boycott the blow pigs please! How dare they CENSOR the pro Paul comments! Don't give them the traffic.

One possible solution...

One possible solution... Start posting freedom messages and how Obama has failed to fulfill his end of the bargain.

Thanks HuffPost

They can screen out pro Ron Paul comments if they want to. Nobody but us political junkies dig into them anyway. Anybody that sees this ad becomes a Ron Paul fan. I hope it really gets out there big time.

alan laney

Wonderful video

This was a wonderful video, I teared up. The superPAC did a great job with this.

I was talking to some relatives who are Fox News (ugh) watchers, and they didn't even know Dr. Paul was an OB. Great job, media. /s I told them about his delivering 4,000 babies, his adamant pro-life stance, and his refusal to take medicaid monies and pro bono work. They were very impressed. They don't have the internet, btw, and have to rely on cable news. They're in their 70's, fwiw.

We may have two new converts on our hands as well as countless more - they love to talk politics and have tons of church friends who are in the same situation: later in life, no internet, no way to find out about RP and have no idea who to vote for. They're all GOPers but anti-Gingrich and -Romney and in a quandary. Ron Paul 2012, folks! :)

Thank you so, so much for that

I have loved just two Presidents in my life. President Kennedy, and President Ron Paul. God bless Dr. Paul forever. I got tears watching that video...

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

The HuffPo are cowards and hypocrites

They won't approve any good comments countering their smears.

Let's face it, they are the real racists furious at Ron Paul for refusing to murder thousands of brown children in Iran for political gain.

Their smear amounts to five or 10 offensive sentences written over a 10 year period, by six or eight different writers, and even the director of the Texas NAACP has stated these are not related to Ron Paul.


Iranians aren't "brown"-- they're White.

Also, and this is just me, but I've never been a fan of the whole "someone called me a racist so I'll call them a racist in return" deal, because it just goes in circles. You're also implying that anyone who doesn't support Dr. Paul wants war and therefore is a "racist".

I'm certainly not defending HuffPo, it's just that I've never been too big on the "anyone who supports X is Y" argument, especially considering how often it's done to RP supporters.

A signature used to be here!

Good point

"Guilt by association" is difficult to prove for a person who has met tens of thousands of people.

Holy Cow

Look at these comments on this page


lol it must be hired people to write stuff because I don't see comments this bad ever...

for some reason

I cant edit my comment above. but don't click on that link it just gives them traffic I wish I could edit my post and take it away.