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5 Arrested at Ron Paul’s Office in Ankeny (Photos, Video)

I say "Good job Ankeny Police Department!"

Five people were arrested Thursday morning while blocking the door to Ron Paul’s Ankeny campaign office in a bid to protest his stance on the Environmental Protection Agency.




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People are led by what is good in their hearts

This is a really fine rock we have, and the only one we have, and we really ought to take good care of it. That is a no-brainer. Thinking the EPA is about protecting the rock is the result of some of the finest word-spinning, media-mind warping nonsense imaginable. If the government is involved, it is about fees, fines, taxes and power.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Fundamental disconnect. The

Fundamental disconnect. The largest polluter in the world is the United States Government. How can people honestly expect the largest polluter on the globe to be the policemen of pollution?

like i said......

we need to let the occupy movement know they are barking up the wrong tree.

and that whole "copy what i say" chat thing is most annoying.
we are women.......we are women....

we are men.........we are men........

holy crap......and i don't say this very often but......


what about it? so are we!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jesus christmas.......

What did the EPA do to prevent the fracking

that ruined the lives of so many people in my state of Pennsylvania?

What's the EPA doing but making sure the rampant pollution of our country continues behind a facade of intelligent "rationing"?

Its sad to see people trying to do this to Ron Paul though

I like that they see him as a front runner enough to need to protest during his speech and now try and block his office. It means that he is more mainstream now which is a great thing.

Its sad though to see these very active Americans fighting for something they believe in without at least LISTENING to Ron Paul's stance on things like the EPA and actually ask WHY it makes sense.

You want to protect the environment? Elect Ron Paul as President and have all Americans start taking charge of their own lives and in turn making sure to LIVE a respectable life while protecting their property and making sure NOT TO hurt or harm anyone elses property as well.

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sock puppets should not be arrested. They have every right to be angry, they just are confused about why they are angry

truly misguided people

They're probably all Obama supporters and will be cheerleaders in front of the mind control box if our great leader nukes Iran.

One (made up) word.


Ron shouldn't press charges

Ron shouldn't press charges cause of free speech but note that they can't hinder or block an ent. into a building or business which he could press charges for but he won't cause he believes in the right to protest and if they are willing to sit down and talk, maybe we can help them understand why the government isn't the way...!

Just a thought...! :-)

What I find so interesting is the guy that had the

END THE FED sign, I find that he is getting arrested, came to volunteer and just sat in with the sign, so funny. Can we get the money to help bail him out?

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Ron Paul wouldn't have had them arrested

Understanding Ron Paul's stand on issues takes a learning curve. People are programed and they have to study Ron Paul to "get it".

There is nothing wrong with wanting clean air, water or life. These folks have been fed lies, just like us, and like many Ron Paul supporters, they refuse to even THINK GOP. That is the problem for the campaign, supporter or not.

Ron Paul would have asked them a few questions, like, "How many lives and places has the EPA saved? What does the EPA do?" And then he would have calmly informed them, given them a smile, told them why and how, "Freedom is popular".. but he wouldn't have had them arrested.

Having them arrested makes Ron Paul look like just another neo-con police state brute. As for the Precinct Captain, a demotion is in order. Here is a guy that is not doing his homework, not correctly promoting Ron Paul, and frankly, if there was anyone who should have been arrested, it was him for leading people into Ron Paul's camp KNOWING why Ron Paul wants to shut down the EPA.

The EPA is not saving lives or the environment. It takes businesses and people's money and gives NOTHING in return but an opportunity to be fined. The EPA doesn't make restaurant food better. Matter of fact, the EPA shut down slow cooking/deep pit BBQs, put them all out of business in CA back in the 80s. But fast food chains, even those quilty of poisioning their customers, despite EPA certificates, remain open. The EPA is no good.

Protesting Ron Paul should be an opportunity for us to educate, not FORCE A POLICE STATE.

You are so right.

I am sure he did not have them arrested. I think is was more the arrest came because they were blocking the entrance to the office, which is not the right way to handle it. Thank goodness they were not sitting in front of some coffee shop owners and that is their only source fo income to feed their family.

The one guy who sat in said he just came to go to work and sat in with them with his END THE FED sign. lol

I want to know if I should start a chip in to bail him out. does anyone know what happened to him?

Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U

They need to research what the EPA is

before they go and block RP's door. NUTS, more brainwashing!

I hope they research Ron Paul and find out he is the only one fighting for all of us, all of us individuals and our freedoms. Good luck guys! the great awakening is a good thing, too bad they do not understand Dr. Paul.

Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U


Save the EPA?

good job Ankeny police!

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If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

If only they knew

that the best way to achieve those things is to get our over-sized government out of the way!

Wish they understood property rights

the EPA essentially allows the government to endorse some forms of pollution while condemning others.

Well we just lost 5 voters for Ron Paul

Read the sign's they have a concern and they care enough to protest! , All that is missing is for someone to fill in the blanks for them. We were all there once.

Sorry...afraid I "haven't been there"...not ever

I dare you to name one bureaucratic nightmare in D.C. that I have protested to protect.

Boy how condesending of you.

Is protesting illegal under the constitution? These people are still drinking the kool-aid they still believe what they are told by the government. If you have never believed what the government says you are indeed special. That is what I mean, by we all have been there. Always been this angry Dale?

Let's ask Lt. Ben Bowersox how that worked out for him.

Ankeny Police Lt. Ben Bowersox, repeatedly asked protesters “Can I have a word with you, please. Can I have a word with you, please.” While Bowersox tried to make himself heard over the chants, he didn’t raise his voice.

Given the evidence, it is reasonable to conclude that had any one or more Iowa Ron Paul supporters tried to engage in a fruitful dialogue or discussion regarding the EPA, the results would have been the same as what Lt. Ben Bowersox encountered. Realistically, I bet that Ron Paul supporters there probably did try first to engage in some meaningful discussion with them as they were trying to enter the office for the morning, and when that did not work, they were probably left with no alternative but to call the police.

I don't think so.

Why would this be so?

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

One claims to be a precint captain for Dr. Paul.


"One of the arrested protester's named Clark Davidson claimed to be a Ron Paul precinct captain as he was led away in handcuffs."

Did he say he was a precinct captain? lol

He should know better than to do what he did then.

My "guess" is he really doesn't support Dr.Paul. :)

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stupid way to protest

Nothing wrong with exercising the rights to free speech and freedom of assembly.

There's alot wrong with interfering with ingress and egress to private property and acting for the express purpose of obstructing peaceful, nonviolent passersby.

Since these arrests generated news I'm assuming it also got free media for Ron Paul.

So, I guess we can be somewhat happy they showed up :)


It doesn't matter if you are occupying the entrance to the Ron Paul 2012 campaign headquarters in Ankeny or if you are occupying the entrance to Chase Bank in Seattle, it's wrong to infringe upon other peoples liberty to transact with whomever they choose or to freely associate with whomever they choose.

“We are women, mothers and

“We are women, mothers and grandmothers, mourning the destruction of our planet,” the group chanted repeatedly. “We are fighting for future generations. In order to live we need clean air, clean water, and safe food"

Ok. Can't argue there.

And then:

"Don’t dismantle the EPA."



"We are prisoners, mourning the abuse of treatment by the system, lack of food, clean water, and torture by the guards.

We are fighting for humane treatment and an end to our suffering


And they have no problem killing brown people,

or any other color, all over the world, every day.

Today I saw a giant peace sign tire cover with an Obama 2012 sticker. Sick.

Oh, don't worry. Our bombs

Oh, don't worry. Our bombs are environmentally friendly because the EPA has made sure of it.