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Mother With No Prior Offenses Sentenced to Twelve Years in Prison for $31 Marijuana Offense VIDEO

This is so sad and is just one example why Ron Paul is right and why every minority should support him as many do.


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This woman and her family

Need to back Ron Paul, he is their only chance they have of getting out of Prison before they're old women. I feel it's the campaigns strategy not to focus on the drug stuff during the GOP primaries, but they need to focus HEAVILY on this during the General election. It's one of his greatest weapons against the Obamanation.

This one issue could generate several million votes for RP

What an example of the two tiered legal system we have here. Poor minority and you get jail time, rich white and your attorneys get you off. A good example is how the drug scandal with Rush Limbaugh turned out. I think most here would agree that Oxycontin is a tad more serious than Marijuana. I don't think fat rich boy Rush spend any time in jail. A quick visit to Wikipedia shows 16% are in jail for non-violent drug crimes, so about 300,000 presidential pardons with a RP presidency. But, wait, how many people have felonies from a past drug offense who can't get a decent job? The number of single issue voters on this issue alone could be several million if you include past offenders, friends, loved ones and relatives.

Why only 11+ ?

Isn't this just what we need to make the drug war a real issue and to get the votes of all the minorities who are suffering the most under Big Government Collectivism (although most don't know it due to the propaganda media)?

And, to this day, ALL of the

And, to this day, ALL of the bankster gangsters walk the streets as free men...



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Yes, by all means move this thread about the injustice of

the drug wars but keep the ridiculous Kelly Clarkson clap trap up on top...argh!

Oppression, injustice... the evil wicked kings lapping up blood

Pardon them all.


Ron Paul should make a...

... political ad out of this in Florida, promising to pardon her the first day he gets into office... this would be incredibly powerful... show this picture of her sitting on her bed...

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Heard him say just that in a recent interview...

That he would pardon all non-violent drug offenders. I was shocked that he would be so bold, and shocked that there weren't any followup questions to that.

That alone would win him many votes, and is consistent with his positions and so isn't pandering at all.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I noticed that too, no MSM follow up, wonder why?

How many people out there have a son, grandson, Dad, Mom, or close friend serving time because of a minor drug offense? That's a very interesting question. Any math guys out there? I bet the number could be huge. These people could be a very significant voter block and more importantly a critical issue voter block. Liberal, neo-con or independent, if it means getting your kid or loved one out of jail RP gets the vote.

Not yet...

Not until he has the Nomination.


I love your idea!

That's actually a very good

That's actually a very good idea!

How do we make it happen?

... One advert... a thirty second investment that can win the nomination, let alone the primary... this beautiful woman sitting on her bed with a sad and hopeless expression will become our political symbol of freedom and liberty from the establishment...

Plano TX

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Find the clip...

That we are talking about above where RP says he would pardon all non-violent drug offenders (it was within the last week I believe), and just put that 5 second sound bit at the end of her story and bam, you're done. Easiest youtube ad, ever.

The only negative is that it might give fuel to the Republican's against him on that issue. It would be a no-brainer for the general election but not sure how well it would play for your typical Republican.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

This could be huge

This could fly under the radar easily enough, no need for a big national type ad. If the people this would effect knew RP would give a complete presidential pardon, it would go viral. President Gerald Ford did a pardon for the draft dodges to heal the nation from the Vietnam fiasco, so there is a precedent for a mass presidential pardon. I get this picture of a hysterical Rush Limbaugh screaming into the golden EIB microphone "Now RP wants to pardon all drug offenders" LMAO

He said that..

... in a 2008 debate in Alabama, if I recall...

Plano TX

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Absolutely possible...

But I am positive (well pretty positive) that the interview I saw was recent... Though sometimes, I get fooled when watching video footage. Either way, if we can find it, that would be awesome to pass on to one of our youtube gurus.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

not sure. Someone could make a

not sure. Someone could make a youtube and post it on here and we could all keep pimpin it to everyone we know. Or contact the campaign and suggest they do it as an official video.

I have no pull...

... with the folks in power, but maybe someone with influence could read these comments and pass them onto the campaign. This is putting a human face on the drug war and sending a powerful message that lives are being destroyed, her life and the lives of her four children. God bless that granny. But Ron Paul will restore America, all facets of America. Anybody who has in some way been affected by this war on the people will vote for Ron Paul. Millions of people.

Plano TX

So we won the cold war

So we won the cold war against the Soviet police state only to become the Soviet police state.

We had to show them

that we can be a better Soviet police state than them !