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In 4 Years-Rand Paul

What are your thoughts. Do you think he will have a very effective campaign given that he will also be fighting for his senate seat? I do think Ron Paul campaign now is going to pave the way for Rand Paul to run in 2016. In 4 years, the Republican party just may have been taken over by liberty minded people.

In many ways, Rand helping his father on the campaign trail is also building up support for himself if/when he does run in 2016. I hope that he makes the decision to run for President within the next two years so that the ground team doesn't dissipate.

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Ron Paul's campaign is paving

Ron Paul's campaign is paving the way for any and all liberty candidates, in my view...from local on up. He has inspired many. I think in the future we might see more of people like Tom Davis, and some of the others who have had the courage to step up and endorse Ron this time around, and who understand the future of where the GOP needs to go. I think Rand too will play a leadership role, and will probably attempt his own run. I'm a Rand supporter too. That being said, no, I don't think Ron is just running solely for that reason. Ron's campaign has been both about education and building a base for the liberty message, but there is still a path to win for Ron at the convention.

Whether Ron or Rand the bottom line is

We need LIBERTY NOW. And too many people believe removing liberties outlined in the constitution is an adequate solution to a problem. I will take those that I believe will open the most liberty for us, however hard that battle may be. Inspire, live and encourage liberty, no less.

stay optimistic

we don't need Rand in 4 years when we will have President Dr. Ron Paul the next 4 years. Rand still doesn't seem as blunt, non-interventionist or anti-fed. he would need someone more bluntly libertarian.


Yeah yeah coming from the so called neocon convert.

Calling for Rand before the election has gotten started. Too obvious.

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No offense

but I have been a Ron Paul supporter way before he ever became popular. I knew about him back in early 2000. I have never been a neocon, ever, I have listened to Hannity and others quite a bit, no longer though. People here listen to radio programs all the time. And oh, I have voted third party more times than I have ever voted for the republican or democrat nominee. In local races, I have also wrote myself in more times than voting for the incumbent. So I think it is an unfair accusation on your part. With that said, we are all Ron Paul supporters and believe in about the same thing. But I do believe Rand will make a good presidential candidate. Let's say for a moment that Ron or Rand becomes the VP for Romney, if he should win the nomination, would you vote for them? For me, that would be a hard decision, but at the same time, I am willing to look at the big picture and hope that the two can do their magic.

At the same time, I truly believe that Ron Paul can win the Republican nomination. I am willing to bet that after SC it will be just Romney and Paul fighting it out.

not sure there will be much

not sure there will be much of a country left for Rand to run for President of in four years.

I honestly think Mittens may

I honestly think Mittens may ask Rand to be his VP...and if so I guarantee he accepts.

Romney could probably win

Romney could probably win without the social conservatives or the Constitutional conservatives... but his VP will probably come from one of the two camps. The fact that a 3rd party run by a Constitutional conservative would destroy the Republican candidate puts the VP pick in our favor.

I trust Ron and Rand to do what's best for America, even if neither of them are President yet.

After this loss, it is all about Rand.

I hope he runs in four years.

Dr. Paul had to win Iowa to have a snowballs chance. He had to prove he could win somewhere. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. Now, money will be harder to raise and open minded voters will be harder to persuade

Sadly, this country will have to face more financial crisis and more wars before the average voter is scared enough and angry enough to vote correctly. When that happens, and it will, Dr. Paul has planted the seed for a Rand Paul presidency. That is our victory tonight.

CrimsonTider, that's not the spirit of Bear Bryant

This is a two man race between Paul and Romney. We are destined for a brokered convention and will eventually bring the party back to little "r" conservatism.


The Red Coats are coming!

wtf are you serious? It's ONE

wtf are you serious? It's ONE little primary state. The first real test is South Carolina.

C'mon with that attitude maybe you should hop on the Santorum bandwagon.

I doubt America will be one

I doubt America will be one unified country in 4 years. If it is whoever would want that job should have his head examined. If there is a president 4 years from now he will preside over a trainwreck, struggling to come up with an alternative currency, perhaps wondering whether to send US troops to force the states to remain in the Union, and how to have a going out of business sale for military equipment without violating his own multitudinous sanctions against pretty much everything.

Ron Paul 2012 or kiss it all goodbye.


I'm not understanding where all this "in four years" stuff is coming from. At this rate, I doubt we'll get through this year without either Obama declaring martial law, or states just saying "fuck it" and seceding. Or worse.

Even if that doesn't happen, with someone like Romney or Santorum in office, any hopes of this country peacefully returning to its former ideals will have been crushed by the time either of those clowns are halfway through their term.

Americans need to wake up, and if that awakening has to be a rude one, then so be it. Deep down, I feel that's what needs to happen, since everyone in this country hates each other anyway. I say we should all go our separate ways.

I'm not trying to sound morbid or pessimistic or anything like that, but that's what I've been feeling for a long time now, and I know I'm not alone in feeling this way.

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8 years.

8 years.

hahaha....indeed..in 8 years

with that said, I would be shocked, shocked if Rand Paul doesn't run for President when it comes time.

8 years

but i was wondering, is there any law saying a son can or cannot be VP to their Prez father?

8 years

After Ron finishes his second term.

Ron Paul 2012